How To Make A Boy Happy When He Is Sad

how to make a boy happy

In a love relationship, there will definitely be things that will happen. How to make a boy happy when he is sad. And it becomes its own color for a relationship. But if our hearts have been touched by true love that is so sincere, certainly, we will always be able to feel what our partner feels. Whether it’s happiness or sadness. When our partner feels happiness, of course, we will be happy too. Who in this world would not feel happy if they saw their partner happy ??

However, if our partner is in sadness, surely our hearts will also be sad. What’s more, if you see her tears fall, our hearts will definitely feel pain. As a companion, we must be able to give our partners enthusiasm, support, and motivation so that our partners can immediately get up and forget their sadness. It is our duty as partners to always make how to make a boy happy.

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Recognize your partner when he is experiencing something sad

There may be many things that cause our partners to feel sad. For example, because of family problems, or sometimes experiencing failure in business. So that will make him very depressed. That’s when we have to reach out to make him wake up again. Before you look for ways to comfort him. you must be able to recognize your partner how to make a boy happy.

Be Quiet

Usually, he will be more quiet than usual. Because maybe your partner is thinking about the problem he is facing.


Our partner feels anxious not only when they are lying, but when he is feeling sad it will make him feel restless. Because maybe he hasn’t found a solution to the problem he is facing. So don’t jump to conclusions.

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Less responsive

If he is experiencing sadness, his feelings will certainly be chaotic. Maybe that’s why your partner is less responsive. Sometimes he doesn’t hear or doesn’t respond to what we say.

Being smiling rarely

Of course, it becomes difficult if we have to smile when we’re sad. Well, maybe that’s what is happening to your partner.

Become more sensitive

If someone is having a problem that might make them feel sad, it will definitely make them more sensitive than usual. Maybe it was caused by feelings that were confused so that his mind was wandering and uncertain.

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Getting angry easier

Maybe you are used to making small jokes with your partner, but one day your partner becomes irritable and feels offended by your jokes. It will definitely make it different from the usual.

That’s what usually happens when our partner is having a problem that makes him sad. What is clear will make it a little different from the usual. For that, you must be able to be more responsive to changes in attitude. You must be able to find out what is behind the change in his attitude. Don’t be too quick to make decisions based on your negative feelings. Maybe you can ask your partner directly, why? What happened??

Maybe some couples will tell honestly what has happened to them. However, some couples may not dare to tell the truth because of shame or your partner does not want to see you worry and become a burden for you. For that, you have to be able to find out what happened through his close relatives. Can family or friends.

Here are some of the best ways how to make a boy happy

If you already know exactly what caused the change in his attitude, that is, your partner is experiencing problems that make him sad, then you must be able to find ways to comfort him, so that your partner can forget about his sadness and make him calmer.

Find Out What Causes the Problem

If you already know what the cause is, maybe you will be able to help him find a solution to the problem your partner is facing. Hold her hand tight, and say that you will always be there for her. Make him feel less alone.

Be the Rests

Everyone will definitely feel weak if they are faced with something that makes them feel sad. Be it a woman or a man, for that be a support for your partner, so that he feels better. Caress his head, saying you can get through all of this.

Be patient

You need to be more patient than usual. Let him tell you the problem, and be a good listener at that time. At the same time give him the best advice to alleviate his problem. By telling him about the problem he is experiencing, it will be able to more or less reduce the burden of his sadness.

Say You Love Him

Make him understand that his presence means a lot to you. If necessary, tell him how much you love him. Maybe that way your partner will feel significant enough so that it will make him feel stronger to face the problems he is facing. Let him hug you, or let him turn you into someone who can hear his complaints.

Don’t Expect His Attention

When your partner is feeling stressed and depressed because of his problem, leave him alone first. Give him space to ponder his problem, never demand attention at that time. You just need to encourage him, so he doesn’t get lost in sadness.

Always accompany him

Don’t let your partner think that you don’t care for him. If possible accompany him through his difficult times. If you also have an activity, you can take advantage of technology to keep giving it support. So that he feels that you care and you are always for him. Show him your real care and affection. For example, by taking him for a walk or pointing out beautiful places so that he feels better.

Remind Him of Memories

Remind him of the good memories that you have had together. Maybe remembering the precious time you have spent together will make your partner forget their problems a little. And slowly – slowly going back up for the good memories that you have been through together.

Those are some ways how to make a boy happy because of a problem. Hopefully, it can help those of you who are feeling confused to make your partner smile again and are excited to live life.

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