How To Know Is He Serious About Me Or Just Playing

Is he serious about me or just playing

That said, what can be held from a guy is his words. From the words said by the guy, actually, the girl can already judge his seriousness. Often a feeling of doubt interrupts a girl, Is he serious about me or just playing?

There are several signs that can help tell if your boyfriend really loves you or not. It can even be an indication that he is headed in a serious direction or just playing around.

To answer these doubts, we will invite you to guess the seriousness of the guy through the words he often says in all conditions. Is he serious about me or just playing, of course always has a different answer.

1. When you are in trouble and difficulty, he who is serious will say, What? Is there anything I can help you with?

When it comes to adulthood, things have evolved. With no exception in matters of love. The difference is, you may now start to think more ahead. It’s hard to find space to just play around when we feel like we’re adults. And for him who is serious, he will definitely try to help you. When in trouble, he who is serious will say, How is it, honey? Is there anything I can do to help make things lighter?

Instead of leaving you, his maturity makes him want to continue to be with you. Including when you are in the worst condition.

Unlike him who was playing. He would definitely say, Huh, never mind. Don’t think about it. His intentions might make you relieved, but his problem-solving abilities are obvious. He underestimates the problem you are facing. Or he really doesn’t want to bother to help you out of the problem.

2. When you’re not in the mood, he’ll say, Want some chocolate? Or do you want ice cream? It can definitely put you in a better mood.

Because you often put your feelings ahead of logic, you are usually more prone to mood swings. For those who are really serious and not playing, this guy usually memorizes your condition when you are sad, happy, angry, or so on. But he also knows how to treat you when you’re in a bad mood. He understands what you need.

When you have a gripe, you obviously need an ear to hear and a shoulder to lean on. Mature thinking, also makes you wait for any advice he gives. And for him who is serious about you, he will definitely try his best to make your mood even better.

While from him who is actually just playing with you in a relationship, maybe you will only receive a shout from him.

3. Guys who are future-oriented will say, Take me to meet your parents, please.

For him who is serious and not playing about you, he will definitely ask for time to meet your parents. He started to take the initial action that your parents and your family are part of you which must go hand in hand. A serious relationship is definitely not just about two heads, but two families as well. He who was serious was clearly aware of that.

But never expect the same words to come out of the mouth of him who is just playing with you. Instead of asking to meet your parents, he will continue to avoid it.

4. I don’t forbid. But you are responsible for your choice, was the sentence from him who believed in you.

With him who is serious, you are always allowed to develop. He never wants to restrain you from doing things. You are considered mature enough to be responsible for what you choose. He pays attention not by prohibiting, but only by reminding.

While he who just wants to play with you, always feels he has power over you. He feels entitled to forbid you in many ways. Often mistaken for a sign of affection, but actually, he is making you trapped in the same world.

5. Your boyfriend also said, Tomorrow, come to my family event, okay? Once I got to know the people at home.

If he’s proud to have you, inviting you to his house can be easy. The important point is that he believes that you are ready to take the next step before entering a really serious relationship.

Compare that to guys who are playful. He must be constantly looking for ways to keep a high wall between you and his family. Maybe it’s time you questioned that.

6. When a girl is cranky, a serious guy will say, Don’t sit still. Please explain to me here, so I can understand.

When you’re cranky, a guy who’s really trying to build seriousness will definitely try to listen to your complaints. Trying to understand your position. Not replying to your sulking with a sulk too. He who is serious will definitely try to keep your feelings and not talk to you in a high tone.

7. He who is serious always says, I’m not a perfect partner. But I always try my best for you.

He who is serious, always feels he is never perfect for you. That’s why he never gets tired of trying to be the best for you. He always brings out the best in himself for you, and always tries not to let you down. If he is sincere, he will not mind breaking bad habits that will have a negative impact when you move to the next level.

On the other hand, for him who can only play around, there is nothing you can expect from him. He’s not even interested in both improving themselves for the sake of your relationship.

For him who really wants to keep you until later, you are so precious. So that his efforts for you never boasted he said. It only comes with evidence.

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Another sign Is he is serious about me or just playing.

1. He always takes care of you

To love also means to care. Therefore, one of the main signs that your boyfriend really loves you is the way he takes care of your partner.

For example, when a girl loves a guy, he will kill that you are healthy emotionally and physically.

In addition, if he falls ill, he will make sure you take your medicine on time and eat healthy food.

2. Happy to sacrifice

If your boyfriend doesn’t think twice before making any sacrifices, it’s a sign that he really loves you.

He will also put aside his work to help with whatever you need. In addition, he will sacrifice time just to talk to you.

3. Make you a priority

If you continue to put your boyfriend at the top of your list, that’s another sign.

To him, you are one of the best people in his life so everything related to you is very important.

4. Motivate to achieve goals

If finding a girlfriend continues to motivate you to achieve your goals every day, it’s a sign that he really likes Buddy Young.

Helping the process to achieve success and improve their career in a wise way is a very meaningful thing for him.

He believes in your abilities and therefore continues to encourage and motivate you.

5. And and loving

Even if you annoy him like anything, he’s always nice. No matter how badly you behave, he will forgive and help you become the best version of yourself.

Also when it comes to materialistic things, he is usually generous to you.
He will not hesitate to spend the money because he thinks whatever the needs of his partner are his needs too.

6. Always looking forward to spending time together

Current boyfriends tend to come up with ideas for spending time together. Even when he’s tired.

A man who is seriously in love with you can be seen from the amount of time he spends with you. He will not hesitate to keep you company and always wants to be around you. So understand that he can be serious about this relationship.

On the other hand, if he’s only looking for you when he wants to, he’s probably just playing with you.

7. Want to tell me anything

If a man really loves you, he will not hesitate to share things with you. He will also tell the truth and is not ashamed to share his sadness. Unlike a man who is not serious, he is not interested in sharing with you.

Not only telling things, but a serious man also wants to listen to all your stories, including your problems. Meanwhile, a man who is not interested in your story could be playing with you.

8. When fighting

When you fight, your relationship with him just gets better and closer. This indicates that he really loves you. On the other hand, if you are tired of fighting with him, he may not want to take you seriously.

A man who seriously loves you will not hesitate to think about a future with you. On the contrary, he who is playing, has no future with you, in fact, he avoids every time discussing this matter.

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