How To Say Goodbye To An Ex Forever


How To Say Goodbye To An Ex Forever

How to say goodbye to an ex forever is not as easy as people imagine. If you can’t say it directly, follow these farewell sentence example tips.

Breaking up and separating from your partner is a normal process to feel. However, saying goodbye to an ex-lover is not always easy.

Saying goodbye to ex forever

“A breakup only happens to those who confess love only through their eyes. For anyone who loves with his heart and soul, will never feel a separation”

“Now, every time I see you I always smile. My little heart always says ‘this is someone I used to always struggle with all my soul but now time has passed and far away from us. You are no longer mine and are in a much better place anyway’”

“Make every second, every moment you have to be kind to him. Today, is a day that you will probably miss in the future. Of course so that you can smile by remembering this day someday. Although, we never know how it will end.”

“I will flower all the stories and the sad and painful side of our story. I’ll leave only the beautiful parts. So that someday I will keep smiling by remembering our story.”

“Now only time will understand that this separation is very difficult. But I hope that our love story will always be a beautiful memory and stored in the memory of me and you too.”

“Goodbye my dear, goodbye my beloved. You are the best lover ever in my life.”

“Goodbye my love. This is our destiny. We must believe that it is true love can not always have. Our beliefs will remain different even though God remains one.”

“Forget about me, my love. Maybe it will torture u. But that’s okay, because I want you to be happy.”

“The more I try to forget you, the farther and deeper I miss you. Maybe I’ll shed more tears than today. But fate chose me not to have you. Even though these tears are flowing profusely, I hope you can smile and be happy there.”

“See you again. I’ll never be gone for long. Just a moment, I’ll be back as long as you wait patiently ”

“Sorry if I have to go. I don’t like this. I’m not stupid like your other lover. Thank you, sorry, and goodbye”

“Maybe this separation will be so painful. But it will be more painful if we continue to be together, if we can’t love each other then believe me this separation will torture us forever”

“Even though I still want and always watch over you and make sure that you are happy. But my existence all this time actually made you even more unhappy. So my leaving is the most appropriate way to make you happy.”

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Goodbye forever

“Every breakup may indeed leave scars that may not heal in a short time”

“There will be tears behind the struggle, laughter, happiness, pain, and of course there will be gaping longing. That’s all the heavy point with the word parting”

“The saddest parting is when parting but only I feel the weight and loss”

“You and them are part of the story that I never finish reading. Forever I will keep it in a certain place which I named ‘Memories'”

“Thank you for the sincerity you have given so far. Here I will always pray, hopefully the love you dream of and the true love that I hope we will find soon.”

“No light doesn’t mean dark. Look with your little heart. True love will illuminate even to the end of your journey.”

“Now we are no longer together. But, what you need to know I will always greet you even when in prayer”

“I always pray to God to take care of you always. I love you so much. You don’t need to be discouraged, you just need to make him happy with ‘you’ as the person he loves. I know I’m hurt, but that’s okay.”

“It’s really hard to let you go. But this hand is powerless and it hurts so much to be able to hold you”

“If one day we meet again, I hope to forget all the memories that we have lived. And I beg you don’t ever ask me again my feelings, our feelings that have been buried dead

“This reality is indeed very bitter for me to swallow it raw and accept it well. However, I realized that this was all for the best for us. I too will be willing to part for your good, mine, and our happiness.”

“Even in the dark, your light will still shine among thousands and millions of other beautiful creatures. Even though it wasn’t made for me, I can still feel the light and warmth from that light.”

“The silence and the night breeze that can always accompany me when I start to miss you. In silence I always hold back longing, even though you will never know the longing I feel”

“I know we can no longer be together, even if I try to force it. I hope this will be the most beautiful farewell that has ever happened in my life and in your life.”

“When I start shedding tears it doesn’t mean I’m crying over this separation. My tears just fell because I was the one who stepped foot to leave you. You know that feeling is killing me slowly.”

“When the night begins to come, our memories will always be remembered. I always try to block, but the longing persists and even hits more and more.”

Farewell words for ex-lover

“A place has now become your destiny with all the pleasures and blessings that come from Him. And now time has answered the classic question that I often ask. That’s right, I am no longer the best for you. you keep it. I will be happy here by seeing you happy there ”

“It’s too late if you say sorry to me. It’s already the sorrow that you left in my heart. Pause for a moment by treating the heart. And I promise never to say love again. I don’t expect love from you anymore. Goodbye”

“Goodbye now I say. Forever. I let you go. Don’t ever expect my love again”

“Your heart changes so fast. With just the blink of an eye. I had to leave. Goodbye my love (first). I too will go far, far from your civilization. Just to wander and go find peace”

“Often the existence of love and affection does not realize the bottom of its depth until the moment of separation comes”

“The ocean only separates the land, not the heart. Why for us the ocean separates everything”

“I realized the love when we were together, now that we’re apart. I feel it even more deeply”

“How can we now be strangers but know each other too well”

“Some doors are closed not because of arrogance, incompetence or pride. But because that door is no longer able to take us anywhere”

“Just because a relationship has ended, doesn’t mean we have stopped loving and loving each other. However, we chose to stop hurting each other.”

“There were times when I doubted everything. Now I even regret everything you have taken from me, everything you have given me, and also all the time we have spent together.”

“I used to think that being alone was the worst thing in this world. Turns out I was quite wrong. The worst thing in the world is meeting people who make you feel alone.”

LAST farewell words

“Thank you I say to you for being present in my life and teaching me to be a mature person. Give thanks for the blessings and wisdom of being an adult that has been given. Now that our journey with the shadows of time is over.”

“When a meeting begins with a kindness, then also end the meeting with a farewell full of beautiful memories and can be remembered forever”

“Although the meeting started with something beautiful, it will also end with a farewell. Believe that nothing lasts forever, even when it’s a meeting. God has planned something that will make me happy one day.”

“Farewell will always come in every meeting, along with every laugh to feel happy. The tears that fall today will also testify to the close relationship we have ever had.”

“Those who are destined to leave will still go, even though you have guarded them so swiftly and tightly. Whatever comes will come too, even though you never wanted it to come.”

“Disappointment, pain, regret coupled with the loss of tears will be very heavy for now. But that’s okay, because I’m sure it won’t be in vain. There will be lessons that are so valuable for a future. Let go of all the sides that have passed. Everything will continue even if you cry or laugh.”

“Maybe we should make as many memories as possible because we already know that we won’t be together forever”

“The wish I have always hoped for from you is that you live the way you want. May your dreams remain big, your anxiety may remain small, and hope that you will never get a burden that exceeds your own ability.”

“Wherever you are going, go with all your heart and soul”

“Probably twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t get to do than by the things you did. Raise your anchor to sail the seas and stay away from the too safe harbor ii. Feel every wind that blows when you’re sailing. Dream, explore, and start discovering.”

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