How To Make A Guy Chase You By Text

how to make a guy chase you by text

Make a guy chase you with text it’s hardly easy. Moreover, men are famous for their mysterious side that makes women even more curious and passionate when they receive chats from men they like. But, when it’s passionate, men can disappear.

Not to mention, when you confuse to say hello or start a conversation with the guy you like. Too aggressive, worried that he’s even slowly retreating. But on the one hand, it feels like I want to be able to conquer a man just from chatting so that the relationship is more exciting and intense.

So, how to make a guy chase you by text? Maybe not, the guy you like can be attracted to you and comfortable to have further relationships? Here are 10 ways

1. Change your photo on social media

It is normal if a man attracts to the face of a woman. Well, for those of you who want to make a guy chase you through text, you can try changing your profile photo on social media regularly.

You can take the right angle so that the proportions of your face look attractive. You see, the more you change your photo, this can be the main ingredient for him to start interacting with you. Who knows, when you replace your photo with the latest one, he or she gets excited when she sees your latest photo and is curious about the activities you are doing.

2. Create a status in the form of a question

If he doesn’t have news for a few days, you can provoke him to be more active in chatting with you, one of which is by making status updates on social media.

You can try by uploading a post in the form of a question. That hints as if you want him to catch or capture the status you sent on social media. Just do this once in a while, don’t do it too often so that he doesn’t feel bad for what you upload on social media and seems too lazy.

3. Ask about his interests

When you like him, you’ll want to know more about the guy you like. You can get a guy to chase you through texts from an interest he likes. For example, the field of sports, music, automotive, or favorite movies. When asked that question, he would be happy to answer at length.

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As a result, you are one step closer to him. Not only that, but he will also think that you are a caring person and want to get to know him better. It’s also possible if suddenly, Later he will be interested in chasing you because of your sweet message.

4. Use emoji to build intimacy

When exchanging messages with him, try to change the atmosphere of the chat from long-pitched text to text with emojis in it. Occasionally sending messages using emojis, makes the hearts of men who receive them become more flowery feel fun, and more relaxed.

According to an online dating study, other people can become more interested because you are used to reply to the emoji they use. But, don’t send too many emojis, because it doesn’t sound tacky or dramatizes something.

5. Give the selling code expensive

When he sends a message, there must be a sense of wanting to be the first to reply and know his condition. But, you need to hold on to it once in a while aka selling expensive. Give a pause when you reply to his message, this will make him more curious about you.

Like it or not, he will actively send messages to you so that the message will be replied to. Oh yes, when you reply to a message, don’t get too excited and end up with a number of questions that make the person lazy to exchange messages with you again.

6. Send a funny photo or video

send a funny photo to make a guy chase you by text

If your relationship is starting to feel dry and you don’t know what kind of conversation to start, you can try sending funny photos or videos that are trending on social media. Look for photos or videos that might interest him. This method can also melt the atmosphere and be an opening for your conversation.

In addition, when the conversation has returned to flow, let him lead the conversation. Try to hear more stories from him. That way, he will think that you are a good listener and maybe in the future, he will start showing signs of liking you.

7. Use catchy nicknames

Although your relationship with him is still in the approaching stage, there’s nothing wrong, you try to use an interesting and unique nickname when calling him in chat.

A study on Personal Relationships revealed that there is a certain satisfaction when people are liked to call him by a unique name. You see, with a unique nickname, he can remember him about you. This can also be one way to speed up your dating period.

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8. Do a morning greeting with him

What’s the best thing about waking up in the morning? What else if not doing a morning greeting via text. Little things that can make your day with a man more exciting and fun.

If you are used to greeting him through a warm morning greeting, then you forget to greet him, maybe it’s his turn to be proactive in looking for you because he misses your presence. So, it’s time to do this routine so that the guy you like is getting happier with you. Awaken the curious side of him to you.

9. Laughing at his dry jokes

Sometimes, guys try to tell jokes that are actually too light to laugh at. But, still to try to laugh to appreciate the he who has tried to entertain.

That way, men can become more comfortable being themselves in front of you, more open, and free to express what they feel because you are someone who can appreciate their uniqueness. It’s possible that he will fall in love and be captivated by your attractive nature.

10. Give a fashion recommendation for him

In addition to building a light chat, when he was confused about choosing the right clothes. You can just give some of the best recommendations for him so that he looks handsome and proportional to the clothes he is wearing.

Then, give a little explanation of why you suggested the dress to him. For example, because he looks charismatic or the proportions of the body he looks more charming. Actually, this is the best way for you to tease and compliment indirectly. Guaranteed, he will smile sweetly when he reads a message from you.

That’s how to make a guy chase you by text please try it. I wish you success

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