How To Know If You Still Love Your Ex

how to know if you still love your ex

How to know if you still love your ex. In reality, forgetting a broken relationship can take time. Especially if in your mind the relationship with your ex is the most perfect relationship.

When breaking up from a relationship, some can immediately move on from their ex, but not a few also take months to years after breaking up. There are even those who still have feelings for their ex. Maybe you don’t try to remember him and old memories, but the image of him always appears in your mind.

Sometimes, we’ve tried everything to get over our ex. Starting from keeping yourself busy to go on dates with other people. In fact, when we try to be in a relationship with someone new we still remember the ex. The image of these feelings is very unhealthy even though it takes time to form a new love relationship.

Here’s how to know if you still love your ex.

1. It’s been a long time breaking up, still can’t forget and often stalks

There is a possibility that you are still thinking about the sweet moments you spent with him even though it has been a long time since you broke up.

Various studies claim that it takes at least half the duration of our love relationship to heal from the pain of a breakup. However, this depends on several other factors such as proximity, fulfillment of needs, and others.

2. Lonely when going to sleep

The moment before going to bed at night is usually prone to an uptight atmosphere. You feel lonely and start remembering old memories until you end up feeling sad. This is a clear sign that you still love your ex.

3. Hobby talking about them

It’s okay to talk about your ex once in a while after breaking up. However, if we always find reasons to talk about it over and over again, it means we’re not really forgetting it. Watch out if your friends, family, or neighbors get bored. It means you talk about them too much.

4. Always remember bad things

Maybe you feel that you really hate your ex because you are always reminded of the bad things he did. Make no mistake, this could actually be a sign that you still love him. When he’s still on your mind, either in a positive or negative form, it’s a sign you haven’t been able to move on from him.

5. New boyfriend, old self

Even though you now have a new heart, it’s still the ex that is in your mind. If you’re having trouble in your new relationship because you’re always comparing yourself to your ex, then moving on will be difficult for you.

6. Make the former “speed dial”

If you’re having a bad or sad day, they’re the first people you’ll call, even if it’s been a while. It’s perfectly normal to share our thoughts and feelings in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean we can do it after months of ending it.

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7. Time with him is a “perfect” relationship

In your opinion, that’s the ideal relationship we’ve ever had. We can’t force ourselves to find the negative aspects of the relationship. No one is perfect, but for you, the relationship is perfect. Many people suggest that if we find a loophole, we can move on. However, you still don’t do it.

8. Comparing your partner to your ex

Surely this is a very bad thing to do. You are looking for a new type of lover with your ex or you are comparing your current partner to the past. Immediately stop this habit because you will only make things worse, including your mind.

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9. Chaotic thoughts. If a year has passed and you are still thinking about your ex, maybe your heart needs to be a closing
force. After a breakup, it’s very important not to have a blank mind and to stay away from all kinds of thoughts.

10. Still keeping ex’s gift

If all the gifts from your ex are still hanging in your room, this is another sign that you still love him. When someone seriously intends to forget past memories, he will definitely try to get rid of things that will remind him of that time. If you don’t have the heart to throw it away, you can store it somewhere you don’t need to see it again.

That’s how to know if you still love your ex. If you’re going through that, believe that relationships end for a reason. It would be best if you thought about why you two separated and ways to fix it.

But keep in mind, don’t be too long to close the door for your new future. Don’t let yourself numb.

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