How To Insult Your Ex Boyfriend

How to insult your ex boyfriend

How to insult your ex boyfriend. Sneaky words from your ex might make you feel better after the relationship has ended. Usually, sarcastic words from your ex can appear when the pain is unbearable, either because of being cheated on or because there are unresolved problems.

Actually, insulting your ex is a surefire way if you find it difficult to express your annoyance directly in front of your ex. At least with you giving insults to your ex, at least there is a chance for him to realize his mistake.

If the moment is right, the ex’s sarcastic words are enough to smack him for what he’s done. The words of a sarcastic ex generally have a context related to betrayal. The ex’s sarcastic words are also appropriate to describe how bad it is to have an affair.

Until the end, your ex’s sarcastic words can make you a little relieved and calm. Here are some ways to insult your ex boyfriend that we summarized from various sources.

The first Words to insult your ex boyfriend

1. Thank you for leaving in my toughest time. I just realized that I can get through it without you.

2. Is it true that ex stands for ‘sweet but devil’

3. It is said that if the mate is a rib, then the former has become a fossil, aka a bone.

4. Your talk is like a refillable perfume, fragrant but fake.

5. Hopefully, one day, your life will be as beautiful as what you flaunt on Facebook.

6. Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.

7. I don’t know what’s worse, people who lie or people who think I’m stupid enough to believe their lies.

8. Being single is better than being lied to, betrayed, and not appreciated.

9. Lies won’t hurt you unless they are told by someone you trust.

10. Cheating and lying don’t just happen. It was a deliberate choice, so stop hiding behind the word “mistake” when you get caught.

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Words of Insults Ex to Regret

1. Having an affair with a good person is like throwing away a diamond and taking a stone.

2. Betraying is a choice, not a mistake.

3. Nothing is perfect in this world, and neither is your current partner. Keep complementing each other, but not by presenting someone else’s figure for you to make an outlet for your double heart.

4. The happiness of love will never be achieved by infidelity. In fact, it is often the beginning of the breakdown of a relationship, the beginning of sadness, the beginning of a bad story that turns into a dark black sheet.

5. If you betray someone who would do anything for you, you are actually betraying yourself.

6. Cheating is not always kissing, touching, or flirting. If you had to delete a text message so your partner wouldn’t see it, you’ve done it.

7. I’m a good enough person to forgive, but not stupid enough to trust you anymore.

8. I believed you but now your words mean nothing to me because your actions tell the truth.

9. Trust is like paper, when it’s wrinkled it can’t be perfect again.

10. Those we love who are near us can hurt us more.

Words of Insults Ex who Likes Cheating

1. Apologies mean nothing if you continue to do what you regret.

2. If I could go back to the day we met, I would turn around and walk away.

3. When I fought for you, I realized that I was struggling to be lied to, struggling to take it for granted, struggling to be disappointed, and struggling to be hurt again… So now I’m starting to struggle to let it go.

4. Cheating: leaving the imperfect for the more imperfect.

5. Most people lie because they care more about what they’re missing than what they have.

6. You can’t hide your secret forever. One way or another, the time will come when all your secrets will be revealed. Including when you cheat.

7. You didn’t just betray me; you betrayed us. You didn’t just break my heart; you ruined our future.

8. How can he love you when he treats you like he doesn’t even like you.

9. Cheating is when you become selfish because you want to have more than what you already have.

10. The relationship will collapse if there are too many passengers in it.

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The words of the former really hit

1. If you cheat, you may not deserve to be in a relationship.

2. I will find someone else who can treat me better.

3. Remember, there is a difference between someone who wants you and someone who will do anything to take care of you.

4. You don’t deserve someone who comes back to you, you deserve someone who never leaves you.

5. There is no way someone can love you and lie to you over and over again. You won’t hurt the people you love.

6. Don’t be angry, don’t reply. Do better, much better. Keep going up. Be so immersed in your own success that you will forget it ever happened.

7. Dear ex, when you see me, I want you to recognize what you had, regret your loss, and realize what you never got back.

8. He’s already living his life, so stop letting him get in the way of you living yours.

9. No relationship is a waste of time. If it doesn’t bring you what you want, it teaches you what you don’t want.

10. I learned to love the sound of my feet walking away from things that weren’t meant for me.

The Last Words to Insult Your ex Boyfriend

1. One of the reasons people find it difficult to find happiness is because they always see the past better than the present.

2. You used to be everything to me, but now you are missing from my life. That’s how life is.

3. Sometimes you have to forget how you feel and remember what you deserve.

4. Stop crossing oceans for people who won’t even jump over puddles for you.

5. Cheating and lying are not a test, they are reasons for breaking up.

6. Cheating and lying are not a test, they are reasons for breaking up.

7. Something that has been broken can never come back whole again.

8. Struggle with me. Your turn has been successful.

9. Thank you for leaving in my toughest time. I just realized that I can get through it without you.

10. Don’t come just to stop, let alone have an affair after. You better just go.

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