How To Get A Guy To Chase You After You Chased Him

How to get a guy to chase you after you chased him

How to get a guy to chase you after you chased him. a sense of admiration that continues into love can make someone chase love. But after all this time, you’re still his loyal pursuer while he’s not after you?

Maybe you are getting tired of chasing him because the relationship is not clear. But don’t despair. Let him come back after you. How to? Check out the following reviews

  • Look attractive in front of him

As women, we must always take care of our appearance and try to always look attractive everywhere. Especially when we meet a man whom we also have a crush on. We definitely want him to pay more attention to us, therefore steal his attention by appearing attractive in front of our target man. It doesn’t need to be flashy, the important thing is that it looks beautiful and looks naturally beautiful.

  • Neat and fragrant

Be attentive by being a clean, neat, and fragrant woman at all times. Any man will also be attracted and happy to be around a clean and fragrant woman. The scent of the perfume you use sometimes sticks in someone’s memory. We can use this trick as the first step in how to get men to chase us. Use a perfume that has a soft aroma or suits our personality, which is important not to sting in the nose.

  • Believe in yourself

Most men like a woman who appears as she is and is confident to be herself. We don’t need to pretend in front of men to look good and attractive. Just appear as is and show what we really are because men have their own way of judging women. Confidence in one’s own strengths is a hallmark of intelligent women in the eyes of men.

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  • A little light touch while talking

While talking or chatting occasionally do a light touch to the man we like. Like patting his shoulder or hand, even though it looks trivial, sometimes a light touch like this can make a man feel ‘something vibration’ and this includes how to make a man fall in love with us slowly. This action will also make the man feel closer to him.

  • Make eye contact

When talking make eye contact with the man who has made us fall in love. Eye contact can make a man feel awkward and also fall in love. Have you ever heard the saying? From the eyes down to the heart? Yep, how to make a man chase us can be started by making eye contact when talking. This action can also be used as a way to conquer the heart of an indifferent and quiet man.

  • Don’t act aggressively

Even though we actually have been complacent by a man, don’t occasionally act aggressively to attract a man’s attention. We can look easy and will be labeled as flirtatious in the eyes of men, this is something that men don’t like about women. So it’s too obvious to attract the attention of the man you’re looking for. He might even become ill and move away seeing our very aggressive behavior in approaching him.

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  • Dare to think

A woman who dares to argue against many things will look more attractive in the eyes of men. We will look smarter in his eyes because of the way we think, give positive suggestions and comments, a man can judge us and admit that we have broad insights which include the characteristics of intelligent women and are idolized by many men.

My beautiful face is sometimes not enough to attract men. For that just say what you want and feel if the man asks. Don’t often say ‘whatever’ or ‘don’t know which can make a man confused.

  • It’s enough to tease him while joking

To ‘vibrate’ his heart when he is with us, is enough to tease him while joking. Teasing him with a joke is also a surefire way to captivate a man without having to look flirtatious and aggressive in front of him. And keep in mind don’t be too much in joking and keep your attitude yes.

  • Be a fun, yet mysterious person

The way to get the next guy to chase us is to stay a mysterious and unpredictable but fun woman. This is a way to get a guy to be attracted to and fall in love with us. The more curious a man is, the higher his desire to pursue us.

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  • Good at maintaining attitude and placing yourself

Good at keeping an attitude in socializing and good at placing oneself in certain situations An authoritative woman will have added value in the eyes of a man. For that, be very clever in maintaining an attitude so that the man you like is interested in approaching and pursuing your love.

The next how to get a guy to chase you after you chased him

How to get a guy to chase you after you chased him

  • Smile often

A woman’s smile can melt a man’s heart. When he is angry, sad, or upset, a smile from a woman can improve his mood quickly. Smiling is also a tip to be an attractive woman in the eyes of men. Therefore, smile often which can emit your beautiful aura.

  • Show that we also have a precious life

Most of the men feel amazed to see a woman who can live her life well without being disturbed by other things that interfere with her life. This will show men that we also have a valuable life, so men will feel there is something special inside of us.

  • Make him think that we deserve to be loved

Don’t do stupid actions that make us look even more ridiculous and unfit to be a partner. Instead, do the opposite, make him think that we deserve to be loved because we have many advantages and deserve to be a partner that he should keep.

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  • Don’t chase it too much

As women, we also have to keep our image by not chasing men we like in a visible way. A few facts that you should know about a man, he will actually run away and pretend to sell expensively when he finds out that a woman is after him. It’s better to do away to make men chase us more subtly so it’s not obvious.

  • Be relaxed when you’re with him

When with him, don’t be nervous and tense, but stay relaxed and relaxed as if you don’t feel anything. But do things that make him want to get to know us deeper and deeper. This can actually make a man feel curious and in the end, he is the one who chases us without the need to do many ways to tease and seduce him.

Last way how to get a guy to chase you after you chased him

How to get a guy to chase you after you chased him

  • Self-confident

To make a man want you, confidence is a feeling you must have. Maybe you’ve been chasing him all this time without a clear clue, so he doesn’t know you really like him. But if you appear confident in your love for yourself, he will be attracted to you. In fact, the way to get a guy’s attention is to pretend you don’t need him.

  • Body language

Show your love with body language. If you’ve never had the courage to show your interest with body language, like looking him in the eye or coming closer when he calls, he probably doesn’t know how you really feel. But try to look at him more closely when he talks. Wait for his reaction, he may become even more curious about you.

  • Get him excited

Make him feel excited and get his adrenaline pumping by doing fun things. Do activities that are fun and make him excited. If it works, he will become addicted to being by your side looking for a sense of encouragement and a sense of being cared for.

  • Know what he likes

Find out what his hobbies and favorite music are. Then you can try to follow his taste by listening to his favorite songs. But you can also imitate his body language. Because if you have something in common, his attraction to you can increase.

Do you understand how to get a guy to chase you after you chased him? So, stop chasing men we like and let them come and approach by practicing the ways above.