How to Deal with Anxiety when Dating Someone New

anxiety when dating someone new

There are lots of little things needed to make a great date. Just a few major mistakes in judgment can make it a terrible experience for you and your date. Here’s how to deal with anxiety when dating someone new.

  • Choose comfortable clothes

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make a good one. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie, or even a jacket. However, shorts, jeans with tennis shoes (especially white ones!), old or wrinkled clothes, and jewelry other than watches, should stay in the closet. If you wear more jewelry than him, there’s a problem.

A recent survey by Kelton Research found that 85% of women find well-dressed men “sexier” than men with a lot of money. Dressing nicely doesn’t have to be expensive, just classic style. Dating is hard enough without giving yourself an added challenge… starting at the 85th percentile, will greatly increase your chances of a second date.

  • Gentlemanly etiquette

How to deal with anxiety when dating someone new. You’d be surprised how well women respond to a simple bit of pampering through the use of manners. Open the car door or restaurant door for him, pull his chair out to sit him at the table, stand up when he leaves or return to the table.

This simple charming gesture will leave a lasting impression on your date, and help you stand out from the potential competition.

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  • Focus on him

He wants to be the center of your evening, so don’t flirt with the waiter or glance at the woman at another table… no matter how attractive he is. There is nothing more deadly to a woman. You will be seen as insensitive (insert adjective) to your date AND to the woman, you are trying to seduce.

The first date can be interesting enough without adding negativity to the meeting. Follow these five tips and control what you can and let fate take care of the rest. You will definitely start off well.

  • Do not be stingy

I know you’re not all millionaires, but men have to cover the cost of a first date, period. Your first date together shouldn’t be an expensive night. Even if he asks to share it, don’t let him pay a penny under any circumstances. This sets a bad precedent and can make you look cheap in his eyes….even if you aren’t.

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  • Don’t Talk About Your Ex

This is one of the deadliest things in dating etiquette. Don’t…I repeat, DO NOT talk about, mention, or refer in any way to your ex-spouse. No one wants to hear about how to mean, (or especially how good) your ex was. Even if they ask specifically, change the subject politely…. nothing good can come of it.

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