Examples Of Manipulation In Relationships

examples of manipulation in relationships

Recognizing examples of manipulation in relationships is indeed a bit difficult because, at first, it is not very obvious. However, over time, accepting manipulative behavior will make you feel guilty or inappropriate, which can eventually affect your mental health.

Therefore, recognizing the signs of manipulation is important so that you can take action to protect yourself. Check out the review here.

What is Manipulation in Love

Before knowing the examples of manipulation in relationships, you need to understand what manipulation is. Manipulation is a tactic that one person uses to gain control over another person. Usually in an attempt to get what he wants, and often at the expense of others.

An example of a manipulative boyfriend can use strategies such as lying, blaming, being passive-aggressive, and keeping you quiet. Well, all these actions are done to make you believe that he is right, and you are wrong.

Well, this condition can make you confused about what to think or feel. Manipulation by your partner can make you apologize to him for something that is not your fault.

The signs of emotional manipulation can be subtle or obvious, but they can damage relationships, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Examples of Manipulation in Relationships to Watch Out for

Here are some examples of manipulation in relationships to watch out for:

1. You ignore your own feelings

The first sign that could be a warning sign of manipulative behavior from your partner is that you continue to ignore the uncomfortable feelings you have, and try to reassure yourself that everything is okay.

For example manipulation in relationships, you are annoyed that your partner often calls or is busy playing with their own gadget during a date. However, when you talk about it, he gets angry very quickly. Then he blames you for ruining a special date with something trivial.

So, you forget how you feel and try to calm your partner down. Meanwhile, your partner is checking his phone again. This manipulation tactic is also known as gaslighting

2. Start Doubting Yourself

If you start to doubt yourself and your own motivations, it may be a sign that you have been manipulated. You may have been confident in your ability to handle certain situations. However, now you are starting to question those abilities. Or even you start to think you are the cause of problems in the relationship with your partner.

Still taking the example of manipulation in relationships of the previous case, about his habit of spending a lot of time with his gadget when you are with him. But then your partner will tell you that you do that too and that you’re always looking for excuses to get into fights.

In the end, you wonder if it’s true that you are the cause of all the fights with your partner all this time. You also think maybe if you don’t bring up the problem too much, the fight won’t happen.

3. Start Losing Yourself

Another common sign of manipulation is when you start to lose feelings about yourself to keep up with the demands of others, or you ignore your opinions and interests. In a romantic relationship, one party may begin to adopt the other’s lifestyle and interests in order to avoid conflict.

For example, your partner constantly refuses to be invited to spend time with your friends or family, or to do things you enjoy. He also says if you want to spend time with him, you have to do what he wants.

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4. Be Fearful and Cautious

Some people may use anger as a manipulation tactic. Their outbursts of anger can make the other person back off, or change their behavior to avoid the reaction.

Well, if you are afraid that your partner will get angry when you want to say or act something, this is something to watch out for. Because this condition can mark manipulation in love.

5. Doing Something You Don’t Want or Shouldn’t

Be careful, if your partner asks you to do something by saying, “ If you really love me… ” Their request can be anything from money to sex.

Well, this is a manipulation tactic that uses guilt and emotion to encourage or shame you into doing something you don’t want to do, or shouldn’t do. Especially if your partner pushes or threatens you, it’s a clear sign of emotional manipulation.

In recognizing signs of manipulation, it’s important to listen to your instincts. If your partner consistently makes you feel emotionally drained, anxious, fearful, and doubtful about your own needs, thoughts, and feelings, chances are your partner has been involved in emotional manipulation.

Try talking to an expert for advice on this matter. You also need to check your health, both physically and mentally regularly by making a medical appointment at the hospital of your choice.