Best Last Words To Say To An Ex

Best last words to say to an ex

The best last words to say to an ex are often mind-boggling. Not because they feel so holding grudges and hate. Sometimes the expressions for your ex are the hardest to say.

Instead of conveying, just greeting each other when you meet is difficult. Two humans who used to love each other, now become two people who hate and hate each other. The last unsaid words to an ex, although difficult to say, will at least be a relief.

Try to work out your ex’s last words in a diary. Can also make it daily poetry that is stored in a personal blog. You can also reveal it on social media.

However, when revealing it on social media don’t expect too much of it to be read by it. This is done just to relieve yourself. Try to look at the collection of the Best last words to say to an ex, which have been summarized from the following sources

Best last words to say to an ex

1. “I have to admit I really miss you. This world feels so lonely without you around me. ” – Lemony Snicket

2. “Farewell hurts so much when the story is not over but we have to close the book.” – Anonymous

3. “We are no longer in line, but our memories will never be forgotten. Memories that make me still miss you today. ”

4. “Maybe it is not difficult to forget the people who have laughed with us. But it’s hard to forget people who have cried with us. ”

5. “Our story was unforgettable. But I always remember and I remember, even though the wound hurts, even more, when I remember it. ”

6. “If I could, I would love you to come back to me right now.”

7. “I do not force you to love me anymore, but I lead you to love me like before but it seems in vain.”

8. “If you are happy with him I am willing, but when you cry by him, remember! I’m the first to wipe your tears. ”

9. “I will not be able to hate you, because this affection is greater than anything.”

10. “I miss you like this, like a butterfly that flies to and fro, looking for sunflower petals, but never found.”

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11. “He will never come back, I whispered in my mind. He should come back, screamed my heart. ” –Rupi Kaur

12. “My memories love you so much, even he always asks about you.”

13. “It hurts to let go, but it will hurt even more if it continues.” – Anonymous

14. “One day, my heart will not hurt when I hear your name.” – Anonymous

15. “All the memories come back, but I know you never will.” – Anonymous

16. “And now, you are just a stranger who knows all my secrets.” – Anonymous

17. “We started with a simple word ‘hello’, but ended up with a very complicated breakup.” – Anonymous

18. “Be happy for my ex because he finally found someone as worthless as him.”

19. “The best revenge you can do on your ex is to go ahead and let them see you happy with someone who treats you better than them.”

20. “I thought seeing you go was tough. However, knowing that you will never return is the hardest. ”

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Last words to say to someone you love

21. “Even though we are no longer in line, while we are still staring at the same sky, I’m sure, one day you will return to be mine.”

22. “Our story before is truly unforgettable. However, I always remember and I remember, even though the wound hurts, even more, when I remember it. ”

23. “If it turns out that I am not your passion anymore, I will continue to be your support in silence, in every third of my night your name will not forget to mention and pray for.”

24. “Can you wait for me for a moment, at least until this heart heals from this gaping wound?”

25. “I still remember what you said, that I no longer have the right to hold your hand.”

26. “Just let me cry and my tears evaporate into the air until it becomes rain that will reach your roof.”

27. “You may not understand. When you went to let me go, what you broke was not only my heart but also my dreams. ”

28. “We used to defend each other, to the end now we have to let each other go.”

29. “Why is it difficult for me to be able to let someone go? Because deep down I still have hope. ”

30. “When knowing you is the way I take a breath, then forgetting about you is as much as I stop breathing.”

31. “How can I get rid of memories, then you are always in the shadows of memory?”

32. “The harder I forget you, the more I realize how much I really want you back.”

33. “We are no longer in line, but our memories that will not be possible can be forgotten. Memories that make me still miss you today. ”

34. “Remembering you is very painful and makes me lose vocabulary. It was silent when I realized, I’m no longer the owner of your heart. ”

35. “I am a person who always keeps the beauty of our love story, even though the rainbow will not last forever.”

36. “An eraser that can completely erase your shadow. That’s what I really need to forget about you. ”

37. “I never said that I lost you. I don’t even want to erase you from my mind yet. ”

38. “I don’t know how to look away, because wherever I look, it’s your face that I always find.”

39. “Why don’t I forget the past? Because of those memories and I don’t change when everything else changes, including you.”

40. “Let the relationship go, save the lesson.” – L.J. Vanier

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41. “Sometimes you have to forget how you felt and remember what you deserve.” – Anonymous

42. “Heart wounds may not heal. But, we can’t just sit and stare at the wound forever. ” – Haruki Murakami

43. “Love is worth fighting for, but it is not worth it if you are fighting alone.” – Anonymous

44. “Enduring means you believe in your past. Letting go means you believe in a new future. ” – Daphne Rose Kingma

45. “He used to love me, but he doesn’t anymore. And the world doesn’t end because of it. ” – Jennifer Weiner

46. ​​”His hand is a substitute for my hand to guide you. His shoulder is a substitute for my shoulder for you to lean on. Let the drizzle, the twilight, a cup of tea, and the verse of the song be your substitute. ” – Fiersa Besari, Timeline

47. “One relationship ends but life goes on. Your ex-boyfriend is just a stepping stone to something better. ” – Anonymous

48. “Never get back with your ex! Because it’s like reading a book, even if you read it over and over again, the ending won’t change. ” – Anonymous

49. “Never regret. If it’s good, it’s great. If it’s bad, it’s experience. ” – Anonymous

50. “I didn’t cry because of you. You don’t deserve me to cry because my fantasies about who you are being destroyed by the truth about who you are. ” – Anonymous

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