World Doctor Pandemic Health Alliance Declares Covid 19 Harmless

pandemic health alliance

Pandemic health alliance. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to this day. However, there are still many people who do not believe in the coronavirus.

In this regard, a video circulated on the social media of the medical association stating that Covid-19 was not real.

The narration in the video circulating says that the results of the investigation of the group of doctors for Covid-19 are full of lies, and make people feel afraid. So many have lost their jobs, businesses, and financial support.

In addition, they will prosecute and investigate the person who caused this chaos and bad economic situation.

They also asked the government to immediately restore the situation as before, and there is no longer a new normal term.

In the 18-minute video, a German doctor and chairman of the group known by the German acronym ACU2020, Heiko Schöning, announced the formation of an organization called the World Doctors Alliance to oppose the truth of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video was uploaded on the ACU 2020 website, but YouTube has removed it for violating its terms of service.

Meanwhile, the Dutch general practitioner, Elke De Klerk, says that “We don’t have a pandemic” and refers to Covid-19 as the common cold virus, in the video.

De Klerk also claims that this pandemic is based on poor testing with polymerase chain reaction or PCR, molecular testing returning false-positive results in 89-94% of cases.

After investigating this news is not true.

Quoted from, the false positive rate remains an area of ​​further examination according to preliminary studies that show the false positive rate of this test is far less than De Klerk claims.

Meanwhile, the virus that causes Covid-19, scientists universally state it is a new coronavirus of the SARS-CoV-2 type, not a type of influenza.

While the death rate from Covid-19 is still uncertain, evidence suggests that it is higher than seasonal influenza.

Additionally, a CDC study released on October 20 found patients hospitalized with Covid-19 at the Veterans Health Administration had a five times higher risk of death than flu patients.

So, the harmless Covid-19 news released by the world doctor pandemic health alliance is not true.

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