Why Periods Come Early After Marriage

Why periods come early after marriage

Why do periods come early after marriage? Menstruation is a monthly cycle in women who are pubescent and repeats every 21-35 days for 2-7 days. If your cycle is still within these limits, it can still be normal because each woman’s menstrual cycle can differ.

Although women can also experience menstrual disorders, the most common menstrual disorders include:

  • Menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea).
  • Amenorrhea, both primary (never having menstruation until the age of 18 years) or secondary (having had menstruation but menstruation stopped for 6 months or more).
  • Oligomenorrhea (menstruation comes after 90 days or more).
  • Menorrhagia (bleeding during menstruation is more than 80 ml or menstruation lasts more than 7 days).
  • Metrorrhagia (bleeding between menstrual cycles).

Why do periods come early after marriage? A regular cycle can be caused by several possibilities such as stress, fatigue, lack of nutrition or overweight, strenuous exercise activities, hormonal fluctuations, or other causes. Pregnancy can occur when there is a meeting between a sperm cell and a mature egg when a woman is in her fertile period.

For your case where your periods are irregular, you need to record your periods for 6-8 months to find out your fastest and longest cycle.

  • The shortest cycle minus 18 (this number is the first day you are fertile). Suppose your shortest cycle is 24 -18 = 6
  • Subtract 11 from the longest cycle (this number is the last day of your fertile period). For example, your longest cycle is 28-11 = 17

Then your fertile period is days 6-11 counted from the first day of your menstruation and on this date the most frequent sexual intercourse.

Also, Why periods come early after marriage. Try to manage stress, get enough rest, avoid exercise that is too heavy. Maintain ideal body weight, and eat nutritionally balanced foods.

If your current complaint is very disturbing, you should check with a gynecologist. Accompanied by your husband and consult a pregnancy program with your Obstetricians.

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