Wash Hair Before Coloring Pay Attention To These 7 Things

wash hair before coloring

Tired of the hairstyle and recommend wash hair before coloring your hair a fresher color? Do not rush. Before deciding what hair color to choose and dyeing your hair, you should pay attention to the following things, as reported by All Women Stalk.

wash hair before coloring consider skin color

One of the important things that people often ignore before dyeing their hair is when choosing a suitable hair color. Make sure you consider whether the hair color matches and matches your skin tone. Each person’s skin color = each person has a natural color which can be influenced by hair color. Choosing the wrong color will actually make your skin look dull or pale.

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Consider the personality

Your personality is also important to consider when choosing a hair color. If you are a person who is challenging, extroverted, or brave, colors like black, brown, or red will suit you well. Choosing a hair color that doesn’t suit your personality over time will make you uncomfortable with yourself.


Hair color must also match the makeup color that you use often. Of course, your appearance will be judged as a whole and not just bits and pieces. For that, it would be best to consider the hair color that suits your skin and the makeup that you often use.


One thing that is no less important to pay attention to is the cost you will spend on coloring your hair. Colors that are too dark or too light than the original hair color usually require extra care. It could be that you will go to the salon many times to recolor. If you don’t have time, are lazy, or don’t want to spend money on frequent treatments, you should choose a color that is not too different from your original hair color.

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Hair in good shape

When coloring it is best to make sure your hair is in good shape first. This will affect the quality of the hair dye you use. Hair that is too dry will cause the dye to absorb more quickly and become uneven. Treat your hair moisture at least three days before dyeing it.

Do not wash hair before coloring

Most people think that washing your hair right before dyeing your hair is a good thing because your hair is clean. But you shouldn’t. Wash your hair the day before you dye it. This gives the hair time to release the natural oils that protect the hair during the coloring process.

Those are some things that you should consider and pay attention to before coloring your hair. Remember that dyeing your hair too often can also damage hair health. So you should pay attention to the coloring product you choose before using it.

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