When Do Babies Start To Kick In The Womb

when do babies start to kick in the womb

When do babies start to kick in the womb? The movement of the fetus initially feels like the fluttering of butterflies in the stomach when nervous. Movement in the fetus also feels like small fish swimming in the stomach. Some pregnant women, feel the sensation of twitching or pressure. The question is, when does the fetus begin to move?

The movement of the fetus is an indicator of the health of the baby in the womb. If the movement is normal, it is a sign that the fetus is in good health. If the intensity of the movement decreases, it could be that the fetus is under stress or experiencing other disorders.

When Do Pregnant Women Start Feeling Fetal Movement?

Most pregnant women feel the movement of the fetus for the first time at 18-22 weeks of gestation. If the pregnant woman has a thin body posture or this is a second pregnancy, the first movement can be experienced in the 4th month of pregnancy. Most pregnant women are not aware of this.

Some pregnant women, generally only feel the movement at the age of 5 months of pregnancy. The position of the placenta can also affect the mother’s sense of movement in the fetus. If you face forward, this condition can dampen movement and make the mother feel the movement of the fetus longer.

If you do not feel the fetus moving in the middle of the 5th month, it is advisable to immediately do an ultrasound examination to see how the condition of the fetus in the womb is. This examination is done to make sure the fetus is in good condition.

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When can pregnant women feel movement in the fetus?

The sensation of movement in the fetus will continue to change throughout pregnancy. The movement babies start to kick in the womb when you are 7 months pregnant. Meanwhile, at the age of 8 and 9 months of pregnancy, the fetus feels squirming and spinning.

Don’t compare your mother’s pregnancy with others, because every child-to-be is unique in their own way. They have varied rhythms and activity patterns. To feel movement in the fetus usually occurs after the mother experiences or does the following:

1. Mom is awake or staying up at night

During the day, the activities are carried out to make the mother too focused and do not feel the movement of the fetus. When night falls, where there is no more activity to do, chances are the mother can feel the movement of the fetus.

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2. Mom Eats Sweet Snacks

The movement of the fetus can be felt after the mother eats a sweet-tasting snack. After eating a snack, the spike in blood sugar will provide more energy to the fetus, until it finally moves actively in the womb.

3. Mothers are nervous

When nervous, the mother will feel the movement of the fetus. Similar to eating a sweet snack, the adrenaline produced from nervousness has the same effect. Adrenaline can give your little one a boost of energy.

4. Fetus Experiencing Hiccups

When the fetus has hiccups, the mother will feel a faint but rhythmic little vibration. This condition can last from one minute to an hour. Do not worry, because cases of hiccups in babies are not dangerous and are very normal to experience.

That is when the fetal movement begins to occur and when the mother can feel it. Don’t forget to ask your obstetrician if you experience anything unusual during your pregnancy.

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