What To Eat After Giving Birth And Breastfeeding

What to eat after giving birth and breastfeeding

What to eat after giving birth and breastfeeding. Snacking can be slimming down after childbirth? Yes, as long as the food is chosen is food that helps the body’s metabolism. This article discusses 10 foods to eat after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Vegetables are one example of food in the slimming program after giving birth and breastfeeding.
After being 9 months pregnant and going through a tiring childbirth process, of course, the mother is very happy after the baby is born. Amidst the busyness of taking care of your little one, of course, there is no special time for slimming down after childbirth and breastfeeding. If you eat less, you will worry that the quality of breast milk for the baby will decrease. In fact, breastfeeding mothers need more calories than during pregnancy. Then, how to slim down after childbirth and breastfeeding without taking up time?

Breastfeeding can also make the body slimming after giving birth because it helps restore the body’s hormones to the way they were before pregnancy. However, there is another way, namely by choosing snack foods that help the body’s metabolic processes. Vegetables, meat, fish, and high fiber foods are foods that should be eaten after childbirth and breastfeeding as they help the body’s metabolism. Below, there are 10 examples of food ingredients that should eat after giving birth and breastfeeding:

1 Eat carrot and celery after giving birth and breastfeeding

Both are very low in calories. Serving is very easy. Just boil it and make it as a snack when you’re hungry.

2 Grapefruit

This fruit is similar to grapefruit but smaller. Grapefruit is very low in calories, but high in fiber, so the body burns calories to break it down. This fruit also lowers insulin which commands the body to store fat.

3 Apples

Just like grapefruit, apples are also very low in calories but make the body burn calories to break them down.

4 turkey

High protein turkey meat and launches the body’s metabolism. To increase your calcium intake, eat it with cheese. Even eating feels more delicious.

5 Eat Almonds after giving birth and breastfeeding

These nuts contain fatty acids that accelerate the body’s metabolism.

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6 Yogurt

Yogurt, healthy food for snacking. Besides being good for digestion, the protein content in yogurt makes the body burn calories to break it down.

7 Nuts

Nuts, high protein snacks. In addition to filling, nuts contain high protein and fiber, so the body needs calories to break them down.

8 Wheat or oatmeal/oatmeal

Just like grapefruit, wheat contains lots of fiber and lowers insulin which regulates fat storage in the body.

9 Soya bean milk

Choose unsweetened soy milk to reduce the calorie content in it.

10 Eat cinnamon after giving birth and breastfeeding

This herb helps regulate blood sugar levels and also regulates sugar metabolism to make it more effective.

Snacking in small amounts but often is better than eating large quantities right away. Don’t wait until you’re hungry to avoid snacking in large quantities at once. With the types of food that should eat after giving birth and breastfeeding, slimming after childbirth becomes more practical.

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