What Signs Did You Have Before Going Into Labor

What signs did you have before going into labor.

What signs did you have before going into labor. The labor process is divided into two phases, namely the latent phase and the active phase. Well, along with the occurrence of these two phases, mothers need to immediately see a doctor. Especially if you feel regular contractions (10 minutes/1 times accompanied by the release of urine and blood). Because this condition is a sign that appears before childbirth.

After nine months of pregnancy, the birth process is getting closer. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to pay attention to the signs that appear before delivery. This is because the estimated date of birth determined by the obstetrician may miss the initial estimate. As a result, some mothers may give birth before or after the estimated date.

In addition, many pregnant women may find it difficult to distinguish the signs that childbirth is imminent or not. In fact, the mother does not really need to be confused, because the body will show signs when the labor process will begin. So, what are these signs? Let’s find out more here!

Know the Phase of Labor

Before discussing the signs that appear before childbirth, mothers need to know that the labor process has two phases, namely:

  • Let phase

The latent phase starts from dilatation of zero to three centimeters and can last from several hours to several days. However, the duration of the latent phase will be affected by pregnancy factors. For pregnant women who have given birth before, the duration of the latent phase will be shorter.

  • Active Phase

The active phase of labor begins with dilation of 4-10 centimeters (complete dilatation). The duration of the active phase is usually 1 centimeter every hour so that the active phase can last about 6 hours.

These are the signs before labor

The signs of labor that appear along with the latent and active phases. So, mothers need to immediately go to the hospital if they feel regular contractions (10 minutes/1 times accompanied by the release of urine and blood). Because, this condition is a sign of labor, so the mother needs to make sure whether labor has started or not.

Also, Know The Danger Signs On Labor

Pregnant mothers need to be aware of several signs of danger in childbirth, namely:

  • There is premature rupture of membranes, which is water that seeps from the birth canal.
  • Sudden excessive bleeding from the birth canal. Because this condition could be a symptom of placenta previa. Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta covers the birth canal during childbirth.
  • Pregnant women experience dizziness or seizures, accompanied by a history of high blood pressure.
  • The baby has been born but the baby’s placenta hasn’t come out yet.
  • There is a baby’s umbilical cord or hand coming out of the birth canal.

If the mother experiences any of these danger signs, seek medical attention immediately, to avoid fatal complications.

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What Needs to be Prepared Before Labor?

There are three aspects that need to be completed for pregnant women before childbirth, the following is an explanation:

  1. Mental Readiness
    Pregnant women need to be mentally prepared before the delivery process. Because the birth process requires high self-confidence. In addition, mothers also need to get rid of the fear and anxiety that usually afflicts pregnant women who are about to give birth.
  2. Physical Preparation
    Mothers also need to prepare for physical strength and health before the delivery process. Well, mothers can do sports that are recommended for pregnant women on a regular basis. For example, yoga or Pilates to keep stamina fit before delivery.
  3. Social aspect

There are several social aspects that need to be prepared by mothers before childbirth, namely:

  • Childbirth costs. If the mother suddenly cannot give birth normally because there are contraindications, then the mother can do a cesarean delivery from the funds that have been prepared.
  • Full support from husband and family so that the delivery goes smoothly.
  • Mother and baby equipment, such as clothes, diapers, and other support tools.

Well, that’s an explanation of the signs that appear in labor that you need to know. If the mother feels regular contractions (10 minutes/1 times accompanied by the release of urine and blood) she needs to visit the hospital immediately. It aims to check the condition of whether labor has started or not.

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