Waking Up Early Benefits For Health – How To Wake Up Early

waking up early benefits

The phrase “don’t wake up late if you don’t want your fortune to be pegged by the chicken” seems nothing to lose to follow. Apart from the matter of sustenance, waking up early benefits health. Not only physical health, but the benefits of getting up early also apply to mental health.

Indeed, not everyone can easily get up in the morning. However, after seeing the benefits of getting up early below, you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Waking up early benefits help live a healthier diet

People who wake up earlier have time to eat breakfast and choose healthier foods. Meanwhile, people who wake up at noon are generally in a hurry and do not have time to eat a healthy breakfast.

Skipping breakfast can make us more tempted to eat more, unhealthy foods during the day.

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Good for skin health

Enough sleep is very important if you want to have healthy skin. Also, getting up early will give you more time to take good care steps for the skin.

Become more active

A study conducted on 204 children aged 12-40 months proved, children who wake up earlier, are more physically active than children who wake up later.

Lack of physical activity can adversely affect the mental and physical health of children

It is easier to concentrate

Starting the day earlier can improve concentration. Because, we have more time to focus on the goals and to-do list for the day, without being distracted by other coworkers or people at home.

We also have more time to adjust before starting work. This will make you more sensitive to the situation, especially during rush hour.

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Have more time for exercise

Getting up early gives us more time to exercise in the morning. Exercise in the morning, will make you fresher and energized throughout the day.

Waking up early benefits can increase performance

Getting up early is also believed to help improve academic achievement. In a study conducted on students in the United States, the average GPA of students who woke up in the morning was significantly higher than students who often stayed up late and woke up late.

Researchers believe this is due to differences in the habits of the two groups of students. Students who wake up early can get to class on time and study well.

Meanwhile, students with the habit of staying up late often do other activities, experience decreased concentration and the desire to study.

Increase productivity

It is no secret that the most successful people in the world are those who wake up regularly. Because, when we wake up earlier than others, we have plenty of time to do important tasks without interruption.

Our brains are also more focused when used in the morning. As a result, decisions made in the morning are usually better.

waking up early benefits improve sleep quality

Another waking up early benefit is that the quality of sleep will improve. Because, people who wake up in the morning, usually have a regular bedtime. This makes the biological cycle in the body run well, so that rest time can be maximized properly.

Too much sleep can cause health problems

The benefits of waking up in the morning are so varied, inversely proportional to the impact that can occur if you often sleep too long, so you wake up late. The normal hours of sleep are 7-8 hours per day.

If you are accustomed to sleeping more than 8-9 hours per day and during the day you are still napping, there will be risks as below.

  • Depression
  • So irritable
  • Heart problems

Sleeping too long can also happen not solely because you feel sleepy and tired. Several diseases make a person feel the need to sleep longer, such as:

If you have trouble waking up early benefits and you feel the symptoms of the above diseases, you should immediately consult a doctor. Don’t underestimate sleep problems. Because in the long run, this condition can be dangerous for health.

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