Urine Blood Sugar Levels Chart

Urine blood sugar levels chart. We’re going to go to such a chart. Shows you what the value limit range is and where your range should be. Make sure you consider diabetes or pre-diabetes or what is a normal blood sugar level chart? so we’re going to do it right away

Here’s a chart of our Urine blood sugar levels chart. Got the category for normal pre-diabetes. And later diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

urine blood sugar levels chart

Keep in mind whoever is reading is not diagnosing you as diabetic. We kind of see from the general trend. And this is something that will help your doctor. Determine if you are diabetic.

But usually, if we fast so first thing in the morning. For most of the people you wake up you take blood sugar. Normal reading ranges between 70 and one hundred milligrams per deciliter. That’s how we measure generally here in the united states.

Many other countries use millimolar per liter. It’s generally 3.8 between 5.6. Now you will see there is a popular keto diet. Now a lot of those people are going to get under seventy. And they seem to be fine with it. I know I tried it before I had a reading under 70. It doesn’t count as normal because it’s not a normal state. The population comes in but usually, it can happen so you don’t want to talk to the doctor. If you have a reading under 70 and you are worried about it.

Your pre-diabetes usually falls between 100 and 125. Is the first thing in the morning depending on what reference the reference will have more like 110 for 125? Again it’s a different organization.

Have slightly different recommendations as a pre-diabetes category. But generally somewhere between 100 and 125 is considered prediabetic. Or 5.6 to 6.9 millimolar per liter. And then generally one is diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. When it’s morning or fasting its reading is 126 or greater or 7 millimolar or more important. The amount is two hours after eating if you are normal.

If you don’t have diabetes. Forty or less or 7.8 or less pre-diabetic category. You will be one for a day between 1.99 millimolar or 7.8 211 millimolar. Then type two diabetics will often be two hundred or more. Two hours after eating or eleven millimolar or greater too.

Your doctor may order a test called a1c. Which gives an average of basically three months of normal blood sugar. Would normally be considered 6% or less again. There’s some wiggle room in it some organizations’ numbers might put it a little lower. We think five points eight is good.

But generally six to six point four percent. You will be in it. Pre-diabetes category type up to six points five or more. So wait for when to do a blood sugar test. Of course, you want to have meaningful blood sugar readings at your disposal to test fasting.

Often first thing in the morning two hours after eating more as directed by your doctor. If you have to use insulin or if you are sick often that warrants a checkup a few more times a day that’s something you and your doctor need to talk about.

I appreciate you reading this. I hope you found this urine blood sugar levels chart information useful. Go ahead and ask any questions in the comments below I will do my best to answer. Always talk to your doctor or primary care provider with any questions or concerns about your blood sugar.

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