How To Turn Nervousness Into Positive Energy

How To Turn Nervousness Into Positive Energy

Every day you are faced with various things that cause anxiety. For example, facing the boss, following a job interview, or competing. In order to go through it smoothly, you have to get rid of that anxiety. How to? Check out these tips for eliminating and turning nervousness into positive energy.

Tips for turning nervousness into positive energy

Dr. Gene Beresin, the creator of Massachusetts Hospital’s Clay Centre, said: “Experience of anxiety is natural, told the Harvard Medical School website.

Anxiety is the body’s alarm system to make you more alert. Although normal, anxiety can come at the wrong time and cause an overreaction that leads to psychological disorders.

People with this condition will certainly find it difficult to lead a normal life if anxiety is not controlled.

Even so, people with anxiety disorders can still live well. According to a study published in the journal Behavior Research and Therapy, converting nervousness into positive energy and thoughts can reduce anxiety.

Here are some tips that you can cheat to eliminate and turn anxiety into positive energy.

1. Understand your emotions

Sweaty palms, stomach cramps, a racing heart, and rapid breathing are all signs of anxiety. This symptom has similarities when you are excited and enthusiastic about something.

The difference is, when you are excited and enthusiastic about something, there is a feeling of happiness enveloping you.

Since anxiety and excitement start in the same way, it’s up to you to decide whether to direct those emotions as positive or negative.

2. Don’t calm down, you better do this

When anxiety sets in, your first instinct is to calm down. However, sometimes this is not the best way because the situation can actually stress you out. Why?

You force your body to calm down as your heart and adrenaline pump hard. This is a tough job and makes one prone to running away from uncomfortable feelings.

So, what is the best way to deal with anxiety?

Instead of calming yourself down—trying to fight your body’s response when you’re anxious—it’s best to physically vent your feelings by engaging in other uplifting activities.

That means you change anxiety by turning those feelings into positive energy.

You can channel your anxiety by singing, counting, or talking. The trick is to convince yourself that you are passionate about doing something.

3. Face anxiety as a challenge

Whenever you are anxious, your body is in “ready” mode to save itself. This is a natural response.

Instead of running away according to your anxiety instincts, it’s better if you change your mindset by making it your opportunity to show positive energy.

Anxiety makes your view of things scary, risky, and suspicious. Well, this is when you need to change your view to the opposite, that is, it is full of opportunities, desires, and conveniences.

This process of changing views is called a challenge that must be faced, not avoided. That way, you can control yourself and control your anxiety better.

4. Imagine success

When anxious, the brain tends to think about various bad possibilities that will happen. Instead of calming you down, this only makes your anxiety worse.

In order for the outlook to change to become more positive, your brain certainly needs to increase the variety of positive thoughts. One of them is imagining the success that you will eventually achieve.

You can imagine this success by visualizing it in your brain. This is a very powerful way to turn anxiety into positive energy.

When you imagine success, you will increase your confidence to face anxiety as a challenge that you must overcome.

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