The Birthing Ball During Labor

birthing ball during labor

The use of a birthing ball during labor can provide benefits for pregnant women, one of which is preparation for childbirth. By routinely using this tool, the body is said to be more relaxed before delivery. So, how do you use this ball?

Maternity or labor into the tensest moment for expectant mothers. Therefore, it is important to make the delivery process more comfortable. In fact, preparation for comfortable childbirth can begin during pregnancy. Even if done correctly, mothers can still feel comfortable after undergoing the delivery process.

There are many ways and preparations for giving birth that can be done. One that can be tried is the use of a birthing ball. What is that? Find out more about birthing balls and what are the benefits of preparing for labor in the following article!

Preparing for a Comfortable Childbirth

The birthing ball during labor can be included in the list of preparations for a comfortable labor process. Because, this one tool can be relied on even from the time of pregnancy, during delivery, until after delivery. Pregnant women can use this tool to prepare themselves and stimulate an easier birthing process.

The birthing ball itself is a gym ball aka a large ball made of latex. This ball generally has a height of about 65-75 cm. This special ball is designed to be non-slip when used on the floor.

This makes the birthing ball relatively safe for use by pregnant women. The use of this ball is said to be able to make pregnant women more prepared and relaxed before the delivery process.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can use this ball when entering the third trimester. The reason is, at this age the fetus is usually getting bigger and can make the mother feel uncomfortable. The fetus in the womb can press the blood vessels and nerves in the pelvic area to around the back. As a result, pregnant women often feel pain and discomfort in the area.

Well, to relieve this, pregnant women are advised to continue to be active and do light exercise. A birthing ball can be used to do sports during pregnancy. Usually, this ball is used by being occupied or used as a substitute for a chair for exercising. Sitting on a ball when the pregnancy has grown can provide a sense of comfort.

In addition, getting used to sitting on this ball can also help pregnant women maintain an upright sitting position. By regularly doing this position, the abdominal and back muscles will become stronger. It can also improve posture.

Of course, with the right posture, pregnant women can reduce the risk of back pain, and the body will be better prepared before the birth process.

birthing ball during labor

During pregnancy, mothers can also do pelvic swinging movements on the birthing ball. This is said to help maintain the position of the baby in the womb. In fact, this movement is also believed to help improve the position of a breech baby.

Although it has many benefits, there is one thing you need to know, namely that this ball is made of latex material. If the mother has a history of allergies to this material, you should be more careful or avoid using birthing balls.

Instead, pregnant women can do other types of exercise that are quite safe. If you need advice during pregnancy or have questions before giving birth, you can ask the doctor.

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