Test for Vitamin Deficiency At Home

Test for vitamin deficiency at home. There are clear manifestations that we’re lack vitamins. If not supplementing immediately, it can cause many diseases.

When lack of vitamin, there are diseases as the following: vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to leg edema, lack of vitamin C will lead to damaged blood disease, vitamin A deficiency leads to night blindness, vitamin D deficiency leads to hump …

If your body or others have the expressions as below, you should supplement vitamins as soon as possible:

Lack of Vitamin A: The expression as dry skin, rashes, white spots in the nail, dry hair, reduced memory, mood instability, and insomnia, dry eye conjunctivitis, stone in urinary … Need to eat more fish liver oil, eggs, fruits, and vegetables in yellow, red and green …

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Lack of Vitamin D: Bone weakness, children may have rickets. Need to eat more eggs, fish, and sunbathe regularly.

Lack of Vitamin B1: Allergy to sound, sometimes with leg aches, dermatitis … Eat more beans, grains, fruits, solid fruits, milk, and vegetables.

Lack of Vitamin B2: Mouth impetigo, skin diseases such as dermatitis, scrotum inflammation … burning sensation in the limbs, hypersensitivity reactions to light … should eat more liver, milk, eggs, beans and green vegetables …

Lack of Vitamin B3: thick tongue, swollen lips, sore tongue, lips and have dandruff, dry mouth mucosal. Eat substances containing conmen.

Lack of Vitamin B12: movement imbalances, sometimes body pain, numb hands. Eat substances containing conmen and animal liver.

Lack of Vitamin C: you do not work too hard, change the environment suddenly … but often feel tired, or suffering from flu, cough, decreased resistance, often tooth bleeding, slow healing wounds, deep wounds appear on the tongue … Need to eat more oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, red apple, sour apple …

Lack of Vitamin PP: tongue inflammation, dermatitis, loss of appetite, poor digestion, nausea, dizziness, memory decline. Eat green vegetables, animal liver, peanuts, protein …

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Besides test for vitamin deficiency at home, there are other signs that show you are suffering from vitamin deficiency.

Expression at the mouth: If your lips are rashed, parched, and have pain, you are lack nutrients. If not careful, it will lead to inflammation limpa. Stomatitis is usually caused by a deficiency of iron, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6.

If the body lacks those vitamins then it can lead to anemia and affects the growth of sexual maturity. Eating more spinach, green vegetables, pork, beef, liver, beans … can supplement Vitamin B

Expression in the lips: Cracked lips, scaled skin, the ridges of the lips are not clear that are the symptoms of lip disease due to shortage of Vitamin B2 Vitamin C. Main supplement is to eat more green vegetables, citrus, pink, melon, potatoes … or taking Vitamin B and Vitamin C supplement pills.

Expression in the tongue: If the tongue is flat, taste buds are suddenly swollen and red, two sides of the tongue become white or yellowish then you’re missing Vitamin B11 and iron. Lack of these substances makes the process of creating red blood cells in bone marrow trouble. Which leads to inflammation of the tongue, anemia, gastrointestinal dysfunction, bad for growing sexual maturity. Eating liver, spinach, black bread, and other foods containing vitamin B11 or using vitamin B supplement pills.

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