Symptoms Of Not Eating Enough While Pregnant

symptoms of not eating enough while pregnant

Symptoms of not eating enough while pregnant. Fulfill every nutrition mother pregnant, of course, must notice with good. There’s a mother pregnant who can eat well and not have bad morning sickness. However, there is a mother who experienced bad morning sickness so that she could not eat well. Problem lost lust moment pregnancy can occur during the first trimester until the last trimester.

Symptoms of Not Eating Enough While Pregnant for Mother and Fetus

Symptoms of not eating enough while pregnant, among other heavy body no go on or rather down and easy sick. Of course, this is very dangerous because the mother will have a deficiency in nutrition. And still many again like what it looks like under this.

  • Body mother is weak and easily tired

Food is a source of great nutrition important for the body. Motherless pregnant eat will often tired and very weak. Even because not enough to eat finally mother easily fainted.

If a mother is pregnant often tired and very weak, then can trigger contractions faster. This is very dangerous because can cause dangerous fatigue in a mother pregnant. Condition not only attacks the mother but also the fetus in the womb.

  • Mother easy sick

Guard health During the pregnancy of course very important. Sadly if the mother already has no guard and needs to eat with good so can cause the body mother very weak. This will make the system immunity body mother decreased.

Lack of nutrition inside the womb actually could affect the metabolism fetus and increase the risk of cancer, disorder cardiovascular disease infectious problems kidney. Finally, the mother is very easily sick, and easily caught an infection, and the impact can spread to the baby in the womb.

  • Pressure blood low

Not eating enough in a mother pregnant also can trigger pressure blood flow on a mother pregnant. Moment pressure blood decrease so body mother Becomes very tired, easy weak and sometimes also can cause faint moment pregnant. The problem is this also can make mothers deficient in hemoglobin so they have anemia. Finally, a mother no can undergo pregnancy with good.

  • Severe morning sickness

Not can eat with good until the cause, of not enough eating moment pregnant also can trigger morning sickness severe. It means the body’s mother possible also will Secrete more liquid many and no can accept fluid with good. Moment mother Keep going continuously vomiting and does not get sufficient intake can cause dangerous dehydration for the mother pregnant.

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  • Risk bleeding

Not enough eat can make a fetus not develop with good. Sometimes a baby develops however the condition of the health mother will decrease fast. For example, until cause bleeding can dangerous for the fetus and mother. This thing is often ignored because eating is often considered only for as-needs mothers just and no mother pregnancy.

  • Risk miscarriage

Not enough eating also will make the fetus not get adequate nutrition. This will cause the body fetus Becomes weak, not accept oxygen with good and finally, no can survive.

Then impact worst if already no one can endure will cause miscarriage. Usually, this started with the condition mother and continues to decrease.

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  • Risk disabled fetus

Nutrition from food has a very role important for developing fetus. Deficiency eat means will make a fetus deficiency important ingredient for growth. Finally, the fetus does not experience good development and triggers a disabled fetus. Type disabled fetus not only occurs in physique body just but also in system brain.

  • Risk Dead fetus and mother

Moment mother does not enough eat and no get proper care can cause the fetus to die in the womb. All also relate to the lack of nutrition for the fetus. The fetus possibly already no can endure and not get oxygen as well as Genre enough blood. Here This will cause the fetus to die in the womb.

A symptom of not enough eating like above the neglected could cause more thing bad like
under this :

  1. Disturbance development fetus
  2. Baby born disabled
  3. Baby born with heavy low
  4. Abnormalities nerves in the baby

It turns out needs food of course very important for the mother pregnant and fetus. Proof that there is a consequence
not enough eat moment pregnant for mother and fetus, of course, must be realized by mother. Choosing food
healthy can influence the health mother and fetus. So repair pattern eats for mother pregnant During beginning
pregnancy until the end.

How to Return Pattern Eat

If Mom experiences a loss lust eating, there are a number of things mom can do to return pattern eating healthy.

Mama got to prioritize a number of eating certain goods for the health and fetus. This will help ensure the intake of adequate nutrition for Mama and the fetus.

Food following easy made, in size portion small, filling, and good on the stomach :

  • Protein-rich snacks: hardboiled eggs, yogurt, chickpeas grilled, cheese and potato, dan slice chicken, or
  • Vegetables tasteless and rich in fiber: sweet potato greens, carrots ( steamed or raw ), and spinach salad
  • Snack sweet and fresh: give fresh, oatmeal, fruit dry, and product milk cold-like cottage cheese.
  • Starch: quinoa, rice red, pasta, macaroni and cheese, dan potato roast or mash
  • Soup: noodle soup chicken and rice soup chicken
  • Liquid: broth simple and healthy smoothies

If lost lust eat caused by nauseous or puke, give it a try eat-in portion small, more often, avoid food spicy and fatty.

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Nauseous and severe vomiting possibly need method different treatments, including medicine and fluid intravenously.

If a mother is pregnant and experiences a deficiency in nutrition consequence drop lust eating, Mama maybe needs supplements certain. This should discuss with the doctor. The doctor will give a list of Supplements needed.

Even though this can occur on a mother pregnant, don’t leave. Lost appetite and protracted eating could
cause fetus deficiency in nutrition and resistor its development.

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