Signs Your Baby Is In Distress In The Womb

signs your baby is in distress in the womb

This time we want to discuss signs your baby is in distress in the womb. It turns out that it’s not only moms who can stress the fetus can also be stressed.

What is meant by stress on the fetus?

Stress conditions on the fetus are different condition with stress conditions on the mother. Stress that we understand so far in adults is the stress of the mind. For example, the stress of not having money, the stress of traffic jams, the stress of not having a job like that.

Well, stress on the fetus is not like that. Stress on the fetus is the disruption of nutrients or oxygen forces in the fetus. Usually marked by the fetus’s growth is small or even if it is already heavy sometimes the fetus’s breathing or fetal heart rate is disturbed.

What causes fetal stress?

So generally it makes the baby stressed or the fetus is stressed if there is a circulation problem between the mother and the fetus in the womb. it’s usually in mothers who have certain diseases. Hypertension in pregnancy or the mother is anemic or the mother is malnourished or lacks nutrition or even some mothers who are pregnant are still smoking it is also not good.

It can also disrupt the blood flow from the mother to the fetus as a result, the fetus becomes stressed because it does not get enough food from the mother.

What are the signs of fetal stress?

The signs your baby is in distress in the womb usually abnormal movements. What can be felt by the mother is usually that she is starting to slow down or her movements are getting less and less. Yes, because of what? Because he does not get food or blood supply from his mother.

Because the fetus gets food and gets oxygen from the blood supply from the mother to her in the womb. If the supply decreases, it’s the same as us.

If we can’t eat, we have less oxygen, we’ll be weak for a long time. The sign that we are weak is what usually we are lazy to move, just stay still. well, it’s usually like that.

So, if the moms here feel symptoms like that, how come my child’s movements are a bit quiet, a little less moving, go to the doctor immediately. Usually, the doctor will do an ultrasound and CTG if the pregnancy is a big boy.

CTG is cardiotocography, usually, when ultrasound is the easiest, the doctor can see why the baby is a bit small. Her gestational age did not match the examination last month or several months ago. Can also be seen from the amount of amniotic fluid reduced amniotic fluid.

His heart rate began to be somewhat abnormal, either getting faster or slower. These are signs of a stressed baby. It could also be with the previously mentioned CTG Cardiotocography examination. There you can see the pattern of the heart rate is usually also not good. And the movement of the child that is felt by the mother is very minimal that can be captured by the tool.

All of this can support doctors to start being cautious. Can the fetus in the mother’s womb be preserved or even must be born immediately?

What is the impact of stress on the fetus that is not addressed immediately?

Stress on the fetus if not addressed immediately will certainly be dangerous for him. As said earlier, stress on the fetus is not stress on the mind. But because of the supply of food in the form of blood from the mother to the fetus, there are obstacles.

While the fetus gets food and gets oxygen and other things from the umbilical cord blood. If there is a problem there the fetus is in danger. Just like us adults. If we don’t get enough food, we don’t have enough oxygen. Like we are in a closed room for a long time weak and the danger is that we can die. The fetus can be like that if this condition is not resolved immediately.

At what gestational age is usually detected stress on the fetus?

Generally signs your baby is in distress in the womb in a pregnancy that is already large. not in early pregnancy. Usually, the pregnancy is already large in the third trimester there is term stress on the fetus.

Therefore, in the third trimester, patients are advised to have more routine examinations. Which is usually once a month he can come once every two weeks. Useful to be able to monitor events or things that are not desirable such as stress on the fetus.

How to deal with stress on the fetus?

As discussed at the beginning of the fetus stress can be because there are problems with the mother. his mother was malnourished, anemia, hypertension could be overcome from the start. His a mother with a lifestyle good, good diet, good diet. Maybe given the intake of antioxidants.

To minimize hypertension. The mother must eat well so as not to be malnourished and not anemic. Because it all can cause a lack of blood supply from the mother to the fetus. especially for moms who smoke and are pregnant. It must be stopped immediately because it can affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Can stress on the fetus be repeated in the next pregnancy?

It has been explained that the causes of fetal stress are several things. there are things caused by his mother. If it is repeated in subsequent pregnancies, for example, the mother is malnourished or malnourished.

In subsequent pregnancies, maternal malnutrition is not resolved, of course, there is the potential for subsequent fetal stress. Mothers who smoked in their first pregnancy. Then because he was a heavy smoker he was hard to avoid. When she gets pregnant again she steals to smoke. It also has the potential to cause stress to the fetus. So the things that are the determining factor must be addressed.

Indeed there are conditions such as pregnancy Gemeli (twins). It could be one of them attracting food. Finally one gets less food and the other gets maximum food. If it is beyond our control. But for matters concerning the mother. That’s what the doctor directed so that the next pregnancy can be even better.