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Wash hair before dyeing to painting hair and make it look more colorful is nothing new. To avoid gray hair, young people also like to do this to follow trends.

In this sophisticated era, dyeing hair is not only done in a salon. You can also do it yourself at home, considering that various hair dye products are widely available on the market.

However, whether done in a salon or at home, it is highly discouraged to wash your hair before dyeing your hair.

Get familiar with hair color procedures

The largest component found in hair is keratin, which is a type of protein that is also found in the skin and nails. The natural color of hair is determined by the ratio and amount of other proteins, namely eumelanin and phaeomelanin.

Eumelanin plays a role in producing brown to black hair color. Meanwhile, phaeomelanin plays a role in producing a golden to red color in the hair.

Broadly speaking, the types of hair dye on the market are classified into two, namely natural and chemical-based.

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Natural hair dye (natural)

An example of natural hair dye is henna, which was used many years before chemical-based hair dyes were invented. This type of hair dye changes the color of your hair by coating the hair shaft in a new color. Even though they are made from natural ingredients, natural hair dyes do not guarantee that they are 100% safe for use by everyone. In some people who have sensitive skin, using this type of hair dye can cause an allergic reaction.

Chemical hair dye

Chemical-based hair dye can be classified into several types, including temporary hair dye (temporary), bleaching, and permanent. When dyeing hair, the outer layer of the hair shaft (cuticle) has to be exposed by ammonia. Thus, chemicals from hair dye can enter the hair shaft. Chemical hair dyes contain peroxide. This substance acts to oxidize the hair to reveal its natural color which is then replaced with the appropriate color.

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Don’t wash hair before dyeing your hair

Every time you dye your hair, you are strongly advised not to wash or wash your hair beforehand. This is based on several reasons, namely:

  • The dye adheres more to dirty hair, which will give your hair a more visible look.
  • Clean hair will have a slippery effect, making it difficult for the dye to stick to the hair surface.
  • When shampooing, the natural oils on the scalp will decrease. So, the hair coloring process can directly hit the deeper layers of the scalp. This can cause a burning sensation because there is no layer of oil to protect the scalp.
  • The improper way of washing your hair has the risk of causing minor cuts or scratches on the surface of the scalp. This situation can irritate dyeing the hair.

Before deciding to dye your hair, consider the type of base material that will be used for hair dye. If you have a history of sensitive skin or allergies, you should first consult your doctor. This is to prevent allergic reactions and other things that are not desirable.

And most importantly, when you want to dye your hair, it’s a good idea not to wash or wash your hair beforehand. In addition to avoiding unwanted side effects, this action also aims to make the hair color after dyeing really match your expectations.

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