Questions To Ask Doctor When Pregnant First Visit

questions to ask doctor when pregnant first visit

Have you ever come to the obstetrician’s first visit. When I wanted to be examined with an ultrasound, I was confused about what questions to ask doctor. Do most moms just ask whether it’s healthy or not, doc? After that go home. Oh, why don’t you ask this, why don’t you ask that. Wondering what to ask. So below, we will discuss what questions to ask doctor when pregnant first visit. Also questions about ultrasound in pregnancy.

Let’s start with the first question, what is the importance Pregnancy ultrasound?

So, maybe some of the moms will be confused. Why does a pregnant first visit to a gynecologist always do an ultrasound? It’s not dangerous to do an ultrasound every day. It might hurt the fetus in the womb. Do you always have to have an ultrasound? So, this ultrasound examination for obstetricians is like a stethoscope for internal medicine doctors. Ultrasound is a tool that is relatively safe or even very safe for pregnancy. Because there are no x-rays in it. So he used sound waves. What is it used for? To monitor fetal development and growth.

It was about a few decades ago when ultrasound was just starting to appear. Maybe the 60’s or 70’s which are still rarely ultrasound. People don’t know how to get pregnant in their stomachs. Only their weight, upper arm circumference, belly height, fundal height, uterus height were measured. It’s based on that. But we don’t know the condition of the amniotic fluid, gender, presence, or absence of abnormalities at that time. With ultrasound, we can see all the growth and development of the fetus, and ultrasound is relatively safe.

The second questions to ask doctor when pregnant first visit. When and at what age of pregnancy ultrasound should be done?

Well, this is good too. Usually, people are confused. When a pregnant first visit to doctor. Do I wait until my pregnancy gets bigger before I go to the doctor? Or when. So the point is this when the moms here are already pregnant. You know that pregnancy is usually a positive test. But before the test, mom is usually late for her period. When moms here are late for their period or late for their period. And of course, moms will definitely think maybe I’m pregnant. Do what is called a tesspec. The urine test is easier. If there are two lines, it means that pregnancy hormones are increasing. That’s when mams can arrange a time for the gynecologist. So that the obstetrician can confirm the test with the condition of the uterus.

So if the test pack is positive in the uterus, you should have seen the presence of a gestational sac. It usually has a black circle in the uterus. So to make sure the pregnancy is normal. The location is normal because there are two pregnancies in the uterus, other names are intrauterine. Is outside the uterus or extra-uterine what we can call an ectopic pregnancy and it is dangerous.

So when moms are late for their period and the testpack results are positive at home. After that, you can go directly to the obstetrician make questions to ask doctor when pregnant first visit. It is confirmed by ultrasound. Ultrasound what to do. Usually, in the first trimester, we are better off doing a transvaginal ultrasound. Or common people like to say deep ultrasound. Because it enters the vaginal cavity. Why is using ultrasound uncomfortable? It’s indeed uncomfortable but this is clearer. Well, we can see the gestational sac. We can see the fetus earlier than ultrasound from the abdomen. Because if the transvaginal ultrasound is usually approximately 6 weeks or one and a half months of pregnancy. We can already see the fetus, while the abdominal ultrasound must be at a slightly larger gestational age.

This all also depends on the type and quality of the ultrasound. Because ultrasound is like a camera. Some are low-end, some are mid there are high-end. So the more sophisticated the ultrasound, the clearer the picture will be. And this transvaginal ultrasound is safe, so don’t be afraid. It’s uncomfortable because it’s uncomfortable but it should check. One does not hurt, the second does not harm the fetus in the womb.

We go to the next question what ultrasound is most recommended?

Well, maybe moms have heard of the term 2-dimensional ultrasound, 3-dimensional ultrasound, or even four-dimensional. What’s the difference between that? Two-dimensional ultrasound is an ultrasound that we can only see two dimensions x and y. There is no depth angle. While there are three dimensions x y z. So we can see there is a depth angle like that. So it’s more real if it’s three-dimensional. Well, 4 dimensions are three dimensions that move. So usually a 2-dimensional ultrasound is routinely performed.

For us to screen, do a detailed ultrasound or what is now called a fetomaternal ultrasound. It usually uses 3d or 4d ultrasound. Because it can see a clearer picture. When it can be done usually three-dimensional or four-dimensional ultrasound is done when the pregnancy is large enough. Usually around 24-28 weeks, 6 months to seven months, that’s the time the most ideal for moms if you want to do a detailed ultrasound screening.

Ok, let’s go to the next question, what questions to ask doctor during an ultrasound?

So why is this really good because usually many moms are confused about questions to ask doctor when pregnant first visit. Usually, the standards are healthy or not, doc. Yes, in general, of course. Then the two genders, whether it’s a boy or a girl, that’s all. In fact, ultrasound can see much more than those two questions. Now, I make it easier for moms, we usually divide them into early pregnancy ultrasounds and are already in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

Ask for fetal heart rate

In young pregnancies, moms have to ask the doc whether their pregnancy has been seen in the womb or not, that’s the most important thing. Well, usually when you’re in the womb, there’s already a heartbeat, doc. Well, usually if the doctor is communicative enough, you don’t have to ask, he’s already spoken, he’s already spoken to himself, it’s automatic. Wow, you can see that moms have a heartbeat, the fetus is in a healthy uterus, this size is equivalent to a few weeks of pregnancy. But it’s also a doctor who maybe he is tired or maybe also typical people are not that fussy.

Make sure there is no bleeding in the uterus

At least moms already know that the first trimester of my pregnancy has seen a doctor in the womb. Is there a fetus yet, doc? It’s also normal for pregnancy to just have a pouch, right inside the pouch, then there’s a fetus. Usually, if there is a fetus there must be a fetal heartbeat. Maybe there are additional questions, doc, please make sure there is no bleeding in the uterus, right. Later, because the doctor thought, maybe my patient is a doctor too, how come I know a lot. It turned out that because I read the marriage and health website. That’s the importance. Well, the second for pregnancies in the second or third trimester. Or pregnancy is more advanced it is usually more complex.

Development of the size of the fetus and amniotic fluid

Usually, the doctor will measure the size of the head, the size of the stomach, the size of the feet. Because actually, the fetus is the same as us, adults, yes, small children. It has to be proportional, so it’s weird when we see someone with a big head, very short legs. It’s not natural, or if his stomach is very distended, his head is small, it’s not normal. Likewise, in the fetus in the womb, there must be a proportion between the head and the body. It’s usually a little bigger head. But she will adjust more and more as the pregnancy progresses.

So if you are in advanced pregnancy, moms usually ask the size of the fetus, doc, head and body, or not, doc. Doc’s heart rate is normal to normal. Then, the third place where the placenta is, the dock doesn’t cover the birth canal, the frog is not under, that’s also asked. And finally, the amniotic fluid is enough, isn’t it? if the bait is not enough, what should I do, doc? Drink a lot, what do you eat?

And finally, I just asked the gender, the doctor has not seen it yet. Because of your gender, you can’t do anything about it. It’s been there since the beginning of our stay who has seen it or not. What is important is knowing the condition of the condition. It’s just that many moms sometimes want to know the gender first. He didn’t know that his amniotic fluid was lacking, so he had to first ask what was the most important thing. The gender is later. Sometimes visible, sometimes invisible.

Okay, moms, we have the last question about questions to ask doctor when pregnant first visit. What can’t a pregnancy ultrasound see?

So this ultrasound examination is called imaging in English. Imaging in other languages ​​is imaging. The image is not necessarily what we see is what it is. As a matter of fact, if we are on social media, we will make an image. Imaging likes to save, right? Not necessarily in real life, we ​​like to save. The name is also imaging can also be true. Well, this principle also applies in pregnancy.

So ultrasound or imaging or imaging that we see in the stomach in the womb is more or less. And indeed with the advancement of ultrasound technology and all kinds. Usually, we are less likely to miss it. It’s just that not everything can be seen. There are still two secret abnormalities or defects in the fetus. Some are major and some are minor. If the major is related to his survival. So if that happens usually when the baby is born he won’t be strong enough to survive.

Abnormalities or defects in the fetus

An example of one of the major abnormalities is anencephaly or no skull bones. Once born usually will not last long. The baby will die. But that minor abnormality will not affect his life. What is a minor abnormality, for example, sorry for the cleft lip? Or the number of fingers polydactyly. Not five fingers but there are additional fingers. Well, not all of these minor abnormalities are visible. Maybe if the cleft fits right can. But the finger is not necessarily visible, especially if it’s good to hold it or close it, it doesn’t open, we can’t see it. That’s why usually when the 4-dimensional inspection is finished, the inspection sheet is on the result sheet. Likes to be listed there are no minor abnormalities. Because of these minor abnormalities, some can be seen and some cannot be seen.

So the principle is ultrasound examination is an imaging examination. Indeed, the more advanced the more sophisticated ultrasound, the clearer it is. But not all doctors can see. That’s the importance of moms still have to pray.

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