Postnatal Care For Mother

postnatal care for mothers

This time we will discuss postnatal care for mother. Many ask after giving birth vaginally or after giving birth by cesarean whether the treatment is the same. Do you need to wear a corset? Do you need to use octopus? For the answer read the following article.

Is there a difference between normal and cesarean postnatal care?

Of course, it will be different postnatal care for a mother to give birth normally, usually, we have to watch out for a stitch in the genital area. In this case the vagina to the perineum. It must be well maintained that there is no infection because that area is an area which is called a dirty area. Every morning, moms may defecate, while extra care must be taken there.

While giving birth by cesarean section, it is clear that the wound is on the abdominal wall and tends to be covered with a bandage. What to watch out for is
This bandage should not be exposed. So it’s not the same as caring for mothers who have given birth vaginally and those who have given birth by cesarean section. So the wound care is not the same.

Can I wear a corset after giving birth?

Corsets are recommended for postnatal care for mother who gives birth normally or gives birth by cesarean section. Sometimes there are moms who are afraid that if after cesarean I wear a corset what will happen, doc. If you press it, it’s a seam. In fact, it’s good to use a corset if you’ve had a cesarean delivery.

The corset should cover the wound wall. So if there is bleeding that is small and of all kinds, don’t be under pressure. So the recovery process is better. In addition, people who have given birth by cesarean section are sometimes still afraid to walk and hold their stomachs. Now you don’t have to hold your stomach anymore, just press the corset-like that.

Is it normal to have pain after a cesarean section?

All types of surgery, whether mild, moderate, or large, will definitely have pain. Moreover, a cesarean is a type of major surgery. But with advances in medical technology, all of the pain relief techniques can be overcome. That’s why today not a few people do choose Caesar. Indeed, it is best that we emphasize normal childbirth.

But there are people who have said from the start that my doctor wants a cesarean because they are afraid. Why is it starting to get more and more like that? Because maybe it turns out that after giving birth a cesarean is not as imagined by his friends’ stories.

Some of our patients even feel that I am a cesarean, how come I can walk straight away. How come my friend has only been able to get out of bed for two days. Well, that is indeed the technique of giving anti-pain that is now quite developed. So this cesarean section is not as scary as it was a few years ago.

Is it normal to have abdominal pain like contractions after giving birth normally?

So the name after giving birth is normal vaginal delivery or per abdominal or cesarean. Surely the uterus will contract the uterus which was the size of a duck egg before pregnancy. When there is a fetus in it, it will rise until it approaches the chest cavity below the diaphragm.

As soon as the baby is born, it will descend but does not descend immediately, usually at the level of the navel or one finger below the navel Along with that when moms give breast milk, the uterus will contract. When breast milk is given the contractions will get louder.

So don’t be surprised if moms give breast milk, why does the stomach hurt a little. It’s a uterine contraction and that’s good. Now, the uterus will gradually contract until it’s about 40 days or after the puerperium. After the puerperium period, sometimes the patient comes to the doctor on the ultrasound, oh yes, the uterus is already small, which means that the postpartum period has passed. And the uterus has returned to its normal shape before pregnancy.

Is it normal to bleed after giving birth?

So postpartum bleeding is one of the things to be afraid of. Especially by obstetricians. Well, this may often happen, one of which is people who already have a lot of children. That’s why the government since several decades ago has suggested there is such a thing as a family planning program. Because this family planning program is not only for harmony. How to get this child to get enough attention. One of them is also to reduce maternal mortality. The more often the woman gives birth, the risk of postpartum hemorrhage increases.

So giving birth twice is the same as four times, which is four times the risk of postpartum hemorrhage. And what is the danger when postpartum hemorrhage occurs, it could even lead to the death of the mother. You just have to be careful, sometimes there are patients who are confused by my doctor, how come there is a lot of blood coming out at home. We have to see first that the blood might be puerperal blood. Maybe because sometimes it comes out little by little. Some can go out at once. As long as it comes out at once and doesn’t continue.

The patient’s general condition is good, he doesn’t feel cold, his pulse is not fast, it’s okay. But who was afraid to give birth today two days later she came home. It could be at home suddenly postpartum bleeding appears. Well if the blood is quite a lot. Then the patient feels a cold sweat as if he was out of breath. It should be returned to the hospital to be ascertained puerperal blood or postpartum bleeding.

Can stretch marks after childbirth go away?

So stretch marks are a sign after pregnancy. But this is different for everyone, there are people who are pregnant after giving birth, there are no stretch marks because their skin is quite good. But generally, there must be stretch marks. So a woman is found out that she already has children or not from her stretch marks.

However, nowadays there are a lot of technologies, especially for skin beauty doctors. Even now, plastic surgeons have made a lot of advances in therapy to disguise stretch marks. Starting from using mother’s blood and all that stuff, even using the last stem cell. Stem cells are peak cells that can also treat stretch marks.

The most important thing is that we understand here how stretch marks are not so bad. The trick when pregnant moms are of course the pregnancy is arranged so that the baby is not too big so of course the skin does not stretch too much. And apart from that when the stomach has started to get bigger. Often given something that makes the skin more elastic so it’s not stiff. The most important thing is how to prevent stretch marks from getting worse. So one can be of baby size.

So if the size of the baby is really big, of course, stretching the skin on the stomach will also stretch the risk of higher stretch marks. Also, before giving birth, this stomach can often be smeared with some kind of oil. There is a simple use of olive oil or now there are many creams or oils that are for pregnant women. It can all make the skin elasticity for the better. So that when she gave birth the stretch marks were not too visible or not too severe.

To speed up the postnatal care period for mother normally or by cesarean section, what do you need to do?

So a few postnatal care tips for mother who have given birth normally or by cesarean section. Normally, the thing to watch out for is the cleanliness of the genital organs. Because generally, the birth canal tears are in the lower organs.

The thing to watch out for is the use of sanitary napkins because there is still puerperal blood. Usually, if it is torn by a doctor, it is stitched. What can make open stitches an infection or often in wet conditions? That’s why we minimize the wetness by changing pads frequently. Don’t be lazy.

In the early weeks or even the first two weeks after giving birth, it’s okay to waste a few pads, which is important as much as possible. And then usually for infection prevention sometimes there are some doctors who give antibiotics. So moms don’t have to be too afraid of problems like that.

For moms who have to give birth by cesarean, the key is only to keep the bandage. On average now the bandage is a plastic bandage or ordinary people say it is a waterproof bandage.

It’s just that sometimes when you take a shower when you take a bath with a towel, sometimes moms without realizing it, the body is dried with a towel by rubbing it, especially in the bandage. Finally, the end of the bandage seemed to have been twisted open a little and it took a while to get into the water. That must be considered, so for the stomach to be dried using a towel after bathing, it is enough to press. If it’s another body, we can rub it like that.

Postnatal care for mother in terms of nutrition

Apart from that, there are many other factors such as good nutrition, drinking good fluid hydration. They all help the healing of wounds whether it is in the stomach or in the birth canal. So never forget nutrition. Sometimes there are those who are still a bit lazy to eat or there are those who sometimes don’t even want to eat because they want to be thin. Don’t rush into diet and all that stuff after breastfeeding. After breastfeeding for about six months, start to adjust your diet and exercise a little more intensely.

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