Mentally Preparing For Labor

Mentally preparing for labour

Mentally preparing for labor. The period leading up to childbirth is one of the most stressful times in life, Moms. Especially if you are pregnant with your first child. Mixed feelings surround thoughts and feelings. In addition, there are also many preparations that must be done, starting from financial, physical, and mental health.

Although indirectly every pregnant woman prepares mentally, rarely do they actually live it in an organized and planned manner. This mental preparation is not only preparing yourself to endure pain, but also preparing yourself to take care of your little one when he is born later.

Mentally preparing for labor is quite important, just as important as any other preparation.

If this mental problem is not taken seriously, the risk of baby blues and even postpartum depression will be even greater. It is not only Mama’s obligation to prepare for it, it is precisely at this time that Papa’s role will be needed and will most influence the mental condition of pregnant women before giving birth.

The Importance of Mentally preparing for labor

  • Better prepared to live the days after giving birth
  • Tend to be more patient in dealing with people who are sarcastic
  • Mama will accept whatever happens
  • Easier to regulate emotions
  • Always think positive about everything that happens

How do you prepare mentally for this? Let’s see the following tips!

Mentally Preparing for Labour

1. Increase Knowledge

Having knowledge is the initial foundation to build self-confidence during pregnancy. By having knowledge in their field, a person becomes more courageous in defending the choices or actions that will be applied in his life.

Likewise, before pregnancy, with adequate parenting knowledge, Mama tends to be sure of everything she feels is necessary or not necessary. For example, Mama has the principle not to use loose powder on her little one on the grounds of the risk of respiratory problems.

2. Get Enough Rest

Having good quality sleep is also important for mental health. Adequate rest can make it easier for a person to control emotions.

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3. Continue to be Grateful

Being given pregnancy is a gift that many couples want. Perhaps that is something to remember when pregnant women still often complain about the condition of their pregnancy. With gratitude, Mama will feel happier and accept all the conditions that will be experienced.

4. Reading Positive Experiences from People Who Have to Give Birth

Learning doesn’t have to come from knowledgeable people. People who have experience can also be used as ‘teachers’ who need to be listened to. Don’t choose the wrong person. Choose people who have positive thoughts to talk to. Having experienced and supportive friends can make you feel free to talk about what happened during your pregnancy.

5. Choose a Supportive Environment

A supportive environment greatly affects the mental health condition of pregnant women. Especially before giving birth which usually makes pregnant women anxiously wait to see their baby.

One of the things that most often makes a person experience stress is the sarcastic sentences he gets from other people. Having a supportive environment can be an option to prevent or reduce sarcastic sentences that will be accepted.

6. Imagine Positive Things

Positive thinking will make a person act positive things in his life. In addition, people who are used to positive thinking have more calm, because they feel they don’t need to think about things that can make them worry and so on.

7. Take Parenting Classes (pregnancy, or parenting)

Not only seeking knowledge by reading and listening, taking classes with hands-on practice will further foster self-confidence when your little one is born into the world. Because having a good understanding, of theory, does not guarantee that the person is also good at practice.

Therefore, parenting classes (especially those holding live demonstrations) are a fairly good medium for preparation for childbirth.

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So that’s tips for mentally preparing for labor. Basically, everyone has a sense of worry and anxiety when they want to face something that has never been experienced so it is natural to happen.

However, not everyone can handle the worry and anxiety he feels so it can trigger unwanted things. Let’s support ourselves and those around us who are struggling to mentally prepare for birth

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