List Of Blood Test Before Marriage


List Of Blood Test Before Marriage

List of blood test before marriage. Well, for those of you who already have plans to marry your partner. Who wants to lead in a serious direction. Don’t just plan for the wedding day, but we also have to start thinking and preparing for the future of our fertility and health as well. Especially for those who want to get pregnant right away. Today we will discuss the list of blood test before marriage.

Rhesus test

The first list of blood test before marriage you have to do is a blood type and rhesus test. So this rhesus is a variation of the blood group. What we know so far is blood type A, B, O. There are two types of rhesus namely rhesus positive and rhesus negative. Rhesus positive is mostly owned by Africans and Asians. While the rhesus negative is mostly owned by Europeans and Americans. Now the problem is that this woman is rhesus negative and the man is rhesus positive.

Even though the Asian population is mostly Rhesus positive, who knows, right? If the wife is rhesus negative and the husband is rhesus positive, their first baby can be rhesus positive or rhesus negative. Because this is an inherited trait. If the baby is rhesus negative, that’s not a problem, but if it’s better, problems can arise in the next pregnancy. Because this second child turns out to be positive for anti-rhesus antibodies from the negative mother, they will enter and attack the red blood cells of the fetus. Can cause miscarriage, congenital defects, and even fetal death. That’s the way you need to do the contest first. In pregnancy and this needs to be consulted directly to the doctor. What’s better in the future to be able to prevent anti-rhesus antibodies that can harm the fetus.

Blood profile test

hematology test or blood profile test

The second is a hematology test or blood profile test. This is also important starting from a complete blood test to other components such as blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid, and so on. Now blood sugar is also important because it can see whether the mother has a risk of developing gestational diabetes or not. Because this can affect and be a risk for pregnancy and delivery of the mother later. All kinds of things ranging from large babies or even babies with hypoglycemia and so on.

So what is important is the hemoglobin test. This is very important to know whether there is anemia in the mother or even a tendency to thalassemia. You must have heard about thalassemia several times. Thalassemia is very important because sometimes he does not show symptoms. In a thalassemia minor or carrier, the danger is if, for example, the wife is a thalassemia carrier. So she has no symptoms, but she has a gene that carries thalassemia and so does the husband. Finally, if they get married and fertilization occurs and then gives birth to a child, there is a risk to give birth to a child with thalassemia major.

Now, this is very important because of children with thalassemia major need treatment. The term word continues like that, even for life. Because thalassemia can’t be cured, guys, it’s genetic. So it needs to be considered again if it turns out that after being tested, these two brides carry the thalassemia gene. It should also be noted that there is no history of thalassemia in each family. Or even a history of other blood disorders such as hemophilia, other blood clotting disorders. Because this is congenital, if there is a history, you should first consult a doctor and be tested further for the sake of mutual good and happiness.

HIV and STI tests

Then the third is very important, namely HIV and STI tests or sexually transmitted infections online. Of course, your bride-to-be will have sex like that. So it is your right and it is important for you to know your sexual health and that of your potential partner. The list of blood test before marriage includes HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and HPV. Why do you need to be checked because there are some sexually transmitted diseases that do not show symptoms? If this is left unchecked, it can be dangerous because it can interfere with fertility for both men and women. Because it can be transmitted to a partner.

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Then later if in women it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease or PID pelvic inflammatory disease. Which causes adhesions and ultimately interferes with the fertility of the woman. Where if it’s like this, it can be difficult to get pregnant later. Even if it turns out that you are already pregnant but have a history of STD and then you are experiencing vaginal discharge, be careful because it could be a risk of premature birth.

Because there are two mechanisms that occur STI in pregnant women.

  • First, the increase in prostaglandins due to inflammation can trigger uterine contractions. If you have contractions, you know what’s going on, the baby will come out faster.
  • And the degradation of collagen from the amniotic membrane and makes the membranes more prone to rupture. This increases the chances of premature birth or preterm in children. Once again, the test sample for STI and HIV can be through blood or urine. Everything is consulted to the doctor first.


So, it still exists, it’s also quite a hit, I’m sure you’ve heard of Torch. Torch examination consists of toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus herpes simplex virus to rubella. Because mothers who suffer from this torch can pose a risk of defects in the fetus, miscarriage, and even fetal death. So it’s better to check before marriage, especially before getting pregnant, whether there are antibodies to the torch. Because even if there is evidence of infection, it’s okay to treat it first doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant, it’s not treated first and then the program is pregnant. Don’t do it because you are afraid that it will really be positive or something will not be checked.

Fertility test

And the last one is not mandatory, yes, it is a fertility test. That is a test carried out to see whether the male and female reproductive organs support natural pregnancy. For women, an ultrasound can be done. To see if there are cysts, myomas, tumors or not, and so on. Or maybe even anatomical structural abnormalities or not. Because this is very important, this is the container. If it turns out that there is an abnormality or infection, it must be treated first so that it does not interfere with the pregnancy process later. In addition, pap smears are also available for women who have previously had sexual intercourse.

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Then for men can do a sperm analysis test. Again, this is not mandatory. Not a standard routine check. It’s normal for both infertility ridges to be checked. It’s not just the women or the men, but both parties.

Now, this is for additional information at a glance, yes, it’s not a pre-marital health test. But you also have to pay attention especially for women is tetanus toxoid tt vaccine. It has a schedule so make sure when you get pregnant you have the vaccination as well as the HPV vaccine.


So that’s a very important list of blood test before marriage that all of you must know. Both the bride and groom and those who don’t want to get married, you still need to know the info. Or if you already have a boyfriend and you intend to be serious, please tell this article so that your mind is open, right? Don’t think it’s offensive, that’s what it means. For the common interest for the future, especially the interests of the baby as well later. Hopefully, this is useful and useful for all of you.

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