Is Wash Hair Once A Week Good? And How Often Should I Wash My Hair

wash hair once a week

One of the most popular bathing practices is shampooing. Shampooing or cleaning your hair is a hair procedure by washing your hair and scalp with a shampoo combined with water, then rinsing with water until it is clean. However, you might have asked how much you need shampoo. Every day, every other day, or even wash hair once a week?

To figure out how often you need to wash your hair, here are certain stuff that you need to hear about shampoos and how often you need to wash your hair.

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How are shampoos working?

When you are shampooing, the shampoo you use can collect oil in your hair and scalp, but if you are shampooing very much (say, once a day), it can dry your hair and become vulnerable to hair harm. What you need to remember is that your hair contains a natural oil known as sebum; and the shampoo you use can capture any extra oil, dirt, and product debris that will disinfect your hair and scalp.

Another truth is that everybody develops sebum or oil on your hair and your scalp. Sebum development is affected by genetic and hormonal influences. It turns out, in fact, that this hormone is responsible for the increase in sebum development during puberty, which will cause you to have a lot of oily hair and pimples.

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How do I decide whether or not I can wash my hair every day?

Everyone’s shampoo requirements are different. Some people will be good for a few days without shampooing, but there are also people whose hair may smell or become soft when not shampooing in just one day. However, the average person normally shampoos for at least 2-3 days.

So here are few things you need to consider before you try to assess the strength of your shampoo.

The texture of hair/type

The structure of your hair directly determines the speed at which sebum or oil passes through your hair and scalp to the roots of your hair. Sebum would be slower to hit the roots of your hair on rough or curly hair, so whether you have rough or curly hair, it is advised that you wash it for three days. It is not advised if you wash your hair more than twice a week in people with very curly hair to avoid hair loss.

For those of you with wavy hair, it advises that you wash your hair three days a week. And for all of you who’ve got straight hair, you have to wash it more often, that is, every day.

The thickness of hair

People who have thin and very fine hair, people who exercise daily, or people who live in a moist environment. Advised to wash their hair regularly. The explanation is clear, that is, because these people are more likely to have excess oil on hair and scalp, so regular shampoo requires minimizing it. If they don’t, their hair will look very sticky or limp. Then, if you’re a guy with thin, dense hair, you allow to wash hair every couple of days.

Hair type of skin

How much you do need to wash your hair depends on your form of skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, if your scalp is naturally very sticky, you should wash your hair more regularly, and regularly, without thinking about damaging your hair. If your skin and hair form is natural (not super oily and not super dry) or appears to be dry. You only need to wash them once or twice a week. If you have sticky but not too much hair, you can wash it at least once in two days.

Also, age plays a part in affecting the amount of sebum produced. When you grow older, your scalp can produce less sebum. Because you don’t have to wash it as much as you used to.


Not infrequently, in a modern age like this, many people, particularly women. Attempt different new hairstyles with different hairstyles, such as painting hair, straightening hair, and so on. Of course, if you are a hair styling user, you tell not to wash hair regularly.

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