How To Shrink Arms Fast To Get Rid Of Excess Fat

how to shrink arms fast

How to shrink arms fast. big and wavy arms are not really seen by people. Moreover, the arm is a part of the body that remains visible even though it is covered by clothes. The arm is indeed a part of the body that will enlarge when a person gains weight.

Arms are also a gathering place for body fat. Big and sagging arms are a common problem for both women and men.

Big arms can be caused by many things. But usually, this happens because of obesity. Obesity causes the fat stored in the body to be stored in certain areas such as the arms.

There are many ways to shrink arms fast, one of which is by using a barbell or by doing light exercise. The ideal arm will be difficult to realize if you only think about the instant way. Like using how to shrink arms fast without exercise or how to shrink large arms quickly in 3 days or less.

how to shrink arms fast with light exercise

1. Perfect push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most common sports movements. Both women and men can do it. Push-ups can even be done anytime and anywhere. You just need to do push-ups on a regular basis, it is guaranteed that your arms will get smaller and especially not flabby. Here are ways to do push-ups correctly.

The perfect push-up is, of course, the kind of push-up that most people are used to. This push-up requires a lot of energy because the focus is on the tips of the toes. You can do these push-ups on a mat. To do this push-up is easy.

Place both palms on the floor with the tips of your toes as support. Spread your feet about shoulder-width apart to maintain balance. Keep your legs, hips, and head straight.

The next step then bends the forearm and upper arm to form a 90-degree angle then pushes it up slowly. Lower your body slowly while exhaling. Lift the body while inhaling and then lower the body while exhaling. And so on.

As a start for those of you who rarely exercise, just do your best so that the body is not shocked. Then increase the intensity. Example: Today you do 20 push-ups, tomorrow it will be added to 25 push-ups, the day after tomorrow it will be added to 30 push-ups.

Do it regularly, your arms will get smaller soon

2. Knee push-ups

Unlike the perfect push-up, the knee push-up is a push-up movement that rests on the knee. Position your body like doing a perfect push-up but with your knees as support. Knees are less flexible, so you can cover your knees with something soft like a pillow.

For those of you who are tired or unable to do perfect push-ups, you can try this position. The trick is the same as the perfect push-up.

3. Wall push-ups

For those of you who have a hard time doing perfect push-ups and knee push-ups, you can try the following push-up variants. The power expended is much less than the other push-up variants. This is also easy to do for those of you who are beginners who have not been able to support your weight if you try the perfect push-up style.

The method is the same but the difference is that you are not lying on the floor but facing the wall. You simply stand further out of reach of your hands when you touch the wall with your palms. Put your palms on the wall. Then slowly bring your face closer to the wall by bending your arms.

Start with 10 wall push-ups and then increase the intensity.

4. Counter push-ups

Still with other push-up variants. This time you are not resting on the wall or the floor. What you will do is use the table as a pedestal.

The trick is the same as doing wall push-ups. But for safety’s sake, do counter push-ups on a table that can’t shift or move.

5. Jump rope

The next way to shrink the arm is to jump rope. This simple exercise has proven to be effective for shrinking arms. Not only arms but jumping rope can also be used as a way to reduce thighs too

Do a jump rope every morning. Continue to increase the intensity so that the arm shrinks faster.

6. Barbell

Barbells can also be used as a way to shrink the arms. How to shrink arms with a barbell is easy. What you need is a barbell if you are strong enough to lift it. You can start with a 1 kg barbell. If you can increase the weight every week.

How to reduce arms with a barbell with many variations

  • Hold the barbell in both hands. Handshape with a 90-degree position. Lift the barbell alternately using your right hand and then your left.
  • Hold the barbell in both hands. Handshape with 90 percent position. Lift the barbells together.
  • Hold the barbell in both hands. Then stretch out your arms. Lift the barbell alternately right hand and left hand.
  • Hold the barbell in both hands. Then stretch out your arms. Lift the barbells together.

7. Weighted punch

The next easy variation of lifting the barbell is to do the weighted punch. You also need 2 barbells as weights to hold in your hands. Then you seem to throw a fist into the air alternately right and left hands. Do it until your arms feel tired.

8. Bench Dips

The next way to shrink the arm is by bench dips. You need a table or any pedestal that doesn’t move or shift. It can be a table or a chair.

All you need to do is hold the end of the pedestal with both hands facing back. Position your body in a sitting position. Lift your buttocks, move a few inches forward and then extend your legs.

Then straighten your arms and raise your body to its original position. Then bend your arms to form 90 degrees. Hold for a count of 8. Lift back up. Don’t forget to do it regularly.

9. Hand twisting movement

Hand twisting is a simple and easy way to shrink arms but is very useful for shrinking your arms. All you have to do is stretch your arms and rotate them together 50 times. Do it regularly then your arms will shrink quickly.

10. Scissor movement

The next easy way to shrink arms is to apply a scissor motion. You simply spread your arms and legs and then cross your arms and legs at the same time.

11. Pull-ups

The next light exercise you can do is pull-ups. What you need is a post or door frame that is taller than you are.

It’s simple. Hold the post or frame tightly with both hands. Then start slowly lifting your body. Hold for 8 seconds or 8 counts then go down. Do it regularly.

12. Swimming

The next light exercise without sweating is swimming. Swimming is one of the fun ways to shrink arms. Not only to shrink the arm. Swimming will train all parts of your body. Swim at least 2 times a week so that it is faster to shrink your arms.


Not only calming the mind, but some yoga movements also work to shrink the arms. Such as side plank, upward, crowd stand. It can be tried

How to shrink arms fast with a healthy lifestyle

1. Eat healthy food

In addition to the activities you have done above, the next step to make it easier for you to shrink your arms is to eat healthy foods. It is not young either to pay attention to daily food consumption. Avoid eating foods that contain saturated fat and high in sugar because this will trigger the addition of fat to the body.

Start eating foods that are low in fat and of course healthy, fresh, and highly nutritious to help reduce excess fat levels in the body.

2. Diligently drink mineral water

The next healthy lifestyle as a way to shrink arms is to diligently and obediently consume 8 glasses of mineral water a day. Diligently and obediently drink 8 glasses of mineral water every heart, it is effective to help break down fat deposits in the body and increase the metabolic system in your body. This will launch the digestive system, so fat will not settle and accumulate in your body in vain.

That’s how to shrink arms fast that you can apply in everyday life. If you want to shrink other body parts such as shrinking your thighs, stomach, or calves, then proper and regular exercise can be the solution for you. May be useful.

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