How To Help With Nausea During Pregnancy

how to help with nausea during pregnancy

Hello moms, have you ever taken potions or medicines to help with nausea during pregnancy. Well, don’t drink carelessly. Because the drugs or ingredients are not necessarily all safe for pregnancy.

Here we discuss some questions about how to help with nausea during pregnancy.

The first question is what causes nausea during pregnancy.

So in pregnant women, there are hormonal changes in the body. There is an increase in the hormone beta-HCG. Where the HCG hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, affects the stomach. And the effect is usually making but can be more sensitive to nausea. Why do you get nauseous because the stomach acid is getting more and more and he is slowly going up to his neck and he is nauseous? The same goes for pregnant people. Well, the difference between pregnant people is because the nausea hormone becomes more dominant. Usually, people get pregnant, especially in the first trimester. Because of the increased pregnancy hormone HCG, he will usually feel nauseous, especially in the morning.

Why nausea in the morning because usually people generally sleep at night. When you sleep, it’s like fasting. His stomach is empty when he wakes up in the morning, stomach acid rises. That’s why it feels a bit more uncomfortable in the neck, yes. Because the acid or gas from the stomach continues to rise. Usually, we call it the term morning sickness.

Let’s move on to the next question. Will, all pregnant women experience symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Now, this is good, not all pregnant women will feel symptoms of nausea or even vomiting. But most pregnant women will usually feel nauseous. Some nausea is mild and some are severe. It’s usually light, it just feels like it’s not comfortable when you’re a little lazy to eat. It could be because it affects the mood so it’s a bit lazy to do anything because it’s stomach acid. But if the nausea is severe, the vomiting gets higher and higher and higher, eventually vomiting from the stomach is pushed by food or the contents of the stomach come out, so he vomits.

But it must be remembered that not everyone is like that because there is the term pregnant kebo in quotes, of course, it means that pregnancy is a strong person. So he’s okay, he doesn’t feel anything, I’m a doc, I don’t have nausea at all, let alone vomiting, it’s just normal. Well, that’s the condition of being pregnant that should also be grateful. So honestly, don’t be afraid. That’s a rare condition. But if it happens to moms, you should be grateful. Means going through the period of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester with not many disorders such as nausea or even vomiting.

Next to the next question. How to help with nausea during pregnancy.

Well, actually there are two ways to help with nausea during pregnancy. Can be conservative ways. It can be in ways that use drugs. It’s better if we use a conservative way first. Because the drugs are usually moms have to come to the doctor.

Conservative ways or simple ways:

don’t eat late.

When moms eat late, stomach acid will definitely rise. And must remember that pregnant people are due to pregnancy hormones. The stomach is already more sensitive. So a little late to eat nausea can be excessive, that’s the effect.

Do not eat food or drink that can stimulate the stomach itself.

It’s easy for moms to just assume that these moms have stomach ulcers. Heartburn, right if you are sick, we laypeople, the term can advise other people. Do you have a stomachache? Don’t eat sour stuff. Don’t eat spicy, vinegar, don’t eat spicy salad. We already know that. So avoid those foods. Suppose you have a stomach ulcer. Even if you don’t have stomach ulcers. Until when? Until at least 3-4 months of pregnancy so that we take care of this stomach. So it’s not just the heart that is guarded. If a person is pregnant, the stomach must be taken care of.

Continue with the fourth question. Is there a special type of food to relieve the nausea of pregnant women?

The answer is there. Usually, the food or drink that we consume that contains ginger can suppress nausea. This ginger naturally has been believed from ancient times that it can reduce several diseases. One of them is nausea and even vomiting. So, there are many kinds of processed ginger. The point is a drink made from ginger. We can also drink ginger milk. Milk is given with ginger or a little tea mixed with ginger. It can reduce some foods that are high in carbohydrates. Like cereal, pasta can. Foods that are high in protein. Like nuts, it can also suppress nausea and vomiting. But moms must remember everyone is pregnant. Even in every pregnancy the same person but different pregnancies. The first and second pregnancies may not be the same. Previously, I could eat green bean porridge, for example, in my next pregnancy, I couldn’t. You can drink ginger, the mother who is drinking ginger can’t. This means that not all pregnancies are the same, so moms should try. It’s just that there are certain foods to watch out for, namely foods that are too sour and spicy.

On average, the food will burden the stomach. Although there are sometimes moms say. My doc, if I eat spicy food, my doc can swallow it and I don’t feel nauseous. Yes, but the effect will be when the stomach is getting weaker given food ingredients that are too stimulating or stimulate the stomach itself.

Let’s move on to the next question, is it permissible for pregnant women to drink herbal or traditional concoctions to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Well if the herbal ingredients are common. Which as previously discussed. It’s like when we drink that the ingredients have ginger in it, so that’s okay. But what to watch out for if this traditional drink is called herbal medicine. We don’t know the mix inside. It should be asked to the doctor. So moms are given herbal ingredients, lemongrass stems, lemongrass leaves, or ginger, whatever. It’s a good idea to ask the doctor first about this composition, can I drink it. But if it’s common for moms to drink ginger milk, wedang ginger. That’s okay, please. As long as the ginger is not too hot. Because the ginger is too hot and too much sometimes it is also not good. So as long as you drink it in normal size, go ahead.

We move on to the next question. What is the impact of nausea on the health of the mother and fetus?

So this nausea or vomiting should not be taken lightly. Because of nausea, This can escalate further. So the more nauseated the more nauseous finally vomiting. Vomit nothing can enter the mouth. Because the vomiting of pregnant people is different. If in men, for example, vomiting afterward is relieved. If a pregnant person runs out after vomiting is usually not complete. He will be nauseous again vomit then weak. He entered into a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. This means excessive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Finally, the drug from the mouth (oral) no one can enter. In the end, he had to go to the hospital to be treated. All kinds of drugs and all kinds of fluid sources enter through intravenous fluids. In the current pandemic era, it is difficult to stay in the hospital. Must be screened for covid. Not necessarily the room is there. To avoid this excessive nausea and vomiting by not eating wrong. Well, if moms vomit, no one can enter. Apart from being weak, Dede, the fetus is also difficult to get food. Because of what his mother ate. That’s what will get to the fetus.

Okay, let’s go into the following series when usually the symptoms or complaints of nausea will end.

Well, usually when you come to the doctor, you’re already feeling nauseous. Even moms will definitely say how long it’s going to be like this, Doc, I’m not strong anymore. Usually, the answer is we say, moms or moms, please be patient. Usually stepping on 3 months of pregnancy, pregnancy hormone levels have started to become more stable. Nausea-vomiting has begun to gradually decrease. So between 3 to 4 months. So, if there are moms who are two months pregnant with nausea and vomiting, be patient. Resist eating sour or spicy food. Don’t be late to eat, be patient because hopefully after three months nausea and vomiting will get better. Although there are cases by the case of prolonged nausea and vomiting even to the point of giving birth. The only difference is that usually nausea and vomiting are not as active as in the first trimester.

We continue to the last question when pregnant women should go to the doctor regarding this complaint of nausea and vomiting.

So the principle is like this as long as nausea and vomiting are mild. It’s light in the sense that moms can still eat and can still drink. Although later occasionally vomiting approximately 2-3 times per day. It still doesn’t need to go to the doctor, the important thing is that you don’t eat late, don’t eat spicy or sour food. But if there is nothing else that can enter from the mouth to drink water, he vomits. That’s when you have to go to the doctor. Moms should be given the drug through an IV. Because the stomach must be rested.

Okay, moms, we have read and answered the questions that are often asked. Regarding nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. If you are pregnant, don’t be late to eat. Even though moms don’t want to eat, it’s already 12 o’clock still have to eat. Maybe not much, someone must enter. Second, don’t eat sour or even spicy food or drinks. At least until the pregnancy is approximately three months.

So it can all help how to help with nausea during pregnancy. If you like this article, don’t forget to like, comment and share

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