How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites On Face

  1. How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites On Face

How to get rid of mosquito bites on the face can be done not only by applying oil but also with ingredients available at home, such as cold water, aloe vera, and baking soda.

Mosquito bites on the face will leave scars in the form of reddish bumps that feel itchy. After that, the skin in the area where the mosquito bites on your face may turn a little darker in color.

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The itchiness caused by mosquito bites on the face will make us try to scratch it. This has the risk of causing injuries and infections to the facial skin.

To prevent this, you need to know an effective way to deal with mosquito bite marks on facial skin.

Various Ways to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites on the Face Naturally

How to get rid of mosquito bite marks on the face is slightly different from mosquito bite marks on other parts of the body. Facial skin is thinner and more sensitive, so it needs special care and attention in caring for it.

When your skin knows you have been bitt a mosquito, you can do the following ways to help get rid of mosquito bite marks on your face:

1. Give a cold compress.
The easiest and safest way to get rid of mosquito bite marks on your face is to compress a cloth that has been soaked in cold water or room temperature water. This compress can be given 2-3 times a day with a duration of about 15 minutes for one compress.

Cold or cool temperatures can reduce the bumps and swelling caused by mosquito bites on the face, thus making the facial skin more comfortable. However, when giving cold compresses, do not apply ice cubes directly to the facial skin.

2. Apply aloe vera
The gel from aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances that can help heal insect bite marks, including mosquitoes. Aloe vera is also good for moisturizing facial skin and reducing itching after being bitten by mosquitoes.

You can use aloe vera by splitting it, then apply a small amount to the facial skin where mosquito bite marks appear. Apply aloe vera 2–3 times a day for a few weeks until the mosquito bite marks on your face fade.

3. Wiping honey
Honey is rich in benefits, one of which is to get rid of mosquito bite marks on the face. Honey that is processed for medical needs contains antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Apply 1 drop of honey on the affected skin of the bite to help deal with swelling caused by mosquito bites.

4. Apply essential oil
To get rid of mosquito bite marks on your facial skin, you can use 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, castor oil, or baby oil mixed with a few drops of essential oil, such as lemongrass oil, or lavender oil.

These natural oils contain anti-inflammatory substances that can help reduce swelling and itching due to inflammation of the facial skin after bitt a mosquito. Not only that but this essential oil can also be used as a safe natural mosquito repellent.

5. Using baking soda
Maybe how to get rid of mosquito bite marks on the face using baking soda sounds foreign, but this method does exist. The trick is to mix a little water and a few teaspoons of baking soda, then stir until thickened.

Paste the baking soda mixture on the mosquito bite marks on the face for a few minutes, then rinse with water.

Some of the methods above are generally safe for the face. However, if an allergic reaction or irritation occurs,
for example, if a rash or bumps appear, and there is pain afterward, you should consult a doctor so you can get treatment.

Various Efforts to Prevent Mosquito

Before your face is bitten by a mosquito, you can apply the following methods as a preventive measure:

Use a mosquito net or blanket to cover your face while sleeping. Install mosquito nets or cover the air vents in the house. Turn on a fan or air conditioner to prevent mosquitoes from sleeping

In addition, carry out draining activities, closing meetings, and burying places or water storage containers that have the potential to become mosquito breeding grounds to prevent mosquito bites.

Another thing you can do is to eradicate mosquitoes that roam the house. Use an electric mosquito racket to kill mosquitoes because there is no risk of interfering with breathing, such as magnetic wave repellents or mosquito sprays.

In addition to the various methods above, you can also use mosquito repellent lotion to help get rid of mosquito bite marks on your face. So, those are various ways to get rid of mosquito bite marks on your face by using ingredients you have at home.


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