How To Get Pregnant Fast After Birth Control

Getting pregnant after birth control is a complaint about many mothers. Because usually the use of these contraceptives is used for a long time. There are several types of family planning that are generally used such as injections, pills, and implants. The use of hormonal birth control in a woman’s hormonal condition will be temporarily disturbed so that she is in an infertile condition so that this hormonal infertility has an infertile effect on the mother.

how to get pregnant fast after birth control

Moms are already planning their next pregnancy and are ready to let go of birth control. Before undergoing the pregnancy program, first, know how long it will take for the fertile period to return after leaving family planning. So that mom and dad can plan better and don’t worry if pregnancy hasn’t happened yet.

When to get pregnant after taking birth control.

The time it takes for a woman to become pregnant after stopping using birth control varies greatly between individuals depending on the birth control device used.

How long until moms can return to fertility and pregnancy soon

  • hormonal combination method

These methods include birth control pills, injections, and vaginal rings. This method contains the hormones estrogen and progestin. For many women, fertility can return after stopping using this method. They will menstruate after a few days. But some women need a month or more to start releasing eggs again and menstruating. Half of the women are able to get pregnant again in the first three months after stopping taking birth control pills. And most women are able to get pregnant again after 12 months of stopping these pills.

  • methods of progestin hormones

These methods include implantable pills or like Implanon or nexplanon and Depo Provera injections. The progestin hormonal method is generally chosen to keep breastfeeding smooth. On average, if you stop the progestin hormonal birth control, you can get pregnant again after 6 to 7 months.

  • IUD or spiral

For women who have stopped using copper IUD and hormonal IUD. Fertility returns after the first menstrual cycle. The IUD can be removed at any time the fertility level will be the same as before using this device. Usually, this hormonal contraceptive is stored in fat tissue in the body. So a woman must have stopped KB in her blood there are still hormones that were injected before. This is what causes a woman can not to become fertile immediately even though it has been more than 3 months no longer using contraception.

The effects of family planning can affect the hormones estrogen and progesterone by interfering with and controlling these hormones. A woman’s body stops producing eggs, her ovaries also thin out the cervix, making it difficult for sperm to enter the uterus and survive there. Or by changing the condition of the uterus so that it is not suitable for fertilization.

This way married couples can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant before they are ready. But when they already want to have a baby and stop family planning. Many mothers tell of irregular menstruation or even not menstruating for months.

Some tips for mothers who are waiting to quickly return to fertility after birth control.

  • The first pay attention to fitness.

Body fitness can be obtained with a balanced and adequate nutritional intake. Maintain stamina by exercising. Don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol.

  • The second is taking fertilizer supplements

Because it takes time for the body to normalize the cycle again. This section often causes stress for women who want to get pregnant quickly after they stop family planning. Dealing with irregular periods can make predicting ovulation even more difficult. Because the egg is in very good condition only 12 to 24 hours after release from the ovary. So in one phase women can be said to be very fertile for 24 hours. After the egg removes, a new egg needs to fertilize. So fertility herbs can help normalize a woman’s menstrual cycle and the formation of new eggs.

  • Third, avoid stress

Hormonal imbalances can cause monthly guests to be reluctant to visit regularly. This is certainly problematic when it comes time to want to have children. Because of this irregularity. The mood also affects so unstably. Mothers can start planning to take a vacation to enjoy the weekend by doing a hobby or me-time. Which can help mothers release stress from everyday life. Enjoy the husband and wife relationship with a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Love each other and carefree.

Next is a quick way to get pregnant can do for mothers and husbands.

  • The first one does not use the KB tool.

Not using all the kb tools is the first thing to pay attention to. This is because the use of this tool will cause the mother’s menstrual cycle to become irregular and it takes several months for it to return to normal. But not a few women become fertile in the first month after stopping taking birth control pills.

  • The second one knows the fertile period of the mother.

The fertile period marks a significant increase in luteinizing hormone. Even just before ovulation occurs. The increase in LH will push the egg out of the ovary into the fallopian tube. In the fallopian tube, fertilization can occur by sperm. This period calls the fertile period when the egg is present and ready to fertilize. The egg is in the fallopian tube but only 2 days is the best time to fertilize. After that, it will automatically turn off.

  • The third is to know and avoid the problem of infertility or infertility problems.

Fertility problems occur due to disruption of the reproductive system in women and a decrease in the quality and quantity of sperm in men. A study states that 40% of fertility problems are in women 40% due to men and 30% due to both.

  • The fourth-best time for conception.

It is important to know when is the best time for fertilization to occur in a woman. The best time for conception or fertilization is during the fertile period or ovulation of a woman. It should note mature eggs only live for 24 hours. While sperm live 48-72 hours in a woman’s body. Therefore having sex before ovulation is better for increasing pregnancy than a day or two after.

  • The fifth avoids smoking and drugs.

Smoking or taking drugs greatly reduces a woman’s chances of getting pregnant and can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, and low birth weight babies.

  • The sixth is to reduce caffeine.

Many studies show that too much caffeine can reduce the body’s ability to absorb iron. If you want to get pregnant, avoid drinking coffee, tea, or cola which has a high caffeine content

  • The 7th applies a healthy lifestyle.

Another thing that is no less important is implementing a healthy lifestyle. This is what you should pay attention to. If by chance your mother or husband smokes, you should stop smoking. Likewise with the habit of drinking alcohol. Drinking even a small amount of alcohol reduces the chances of pregnancy by up to 50%, making sure you are neither underweight nor overweight. Because being under or overweight can make it difficult to conceive, it can also be a problem when pregnant women are pregnant. Meanwhile, men who are underweight can reduce the formation of sperm. Diligently exercise so your body condition is always fit and in the process of conception there will be even greater occurrence, keep your diet, make sure you are nutritious in consuming food to get a healthy pregnancy in the future.

  • The 8th drink vitamins.

To get pregnant quickly, take vitamins and foods that contain substances needed for fertility. This is very important for you and your partner. Vitamin C, one of which can improve sperm quality, consuming 1000 mg and 10 mg of vitamin D or vitamin E can increase male and female fertility. Women who take folic acid have a much better chance of getting pregnant than those who don’t. Folic acid also plays an important role in the formation of the brain tube of the fetus later.

  • The 9th pray to almighty god.

Humans can only plan and try while the one who determines everything is of course God. Therefore, complete the mother’s efforts by praying to her. To bless as soon as possible with the gift of pregnancy. Prayer is so powerful that it can make the impossible possible. So pray

Furthermore, the mother can follow the right guidance and direction such as consultation at any time, anywhere, and anytime. Tips and tricks to get well soon and get pregnant again soon.


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