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Wash hair day is the simplest way to treat hair. Many people think that washing their hair should ideally be done two or three times a week. However, is this rule proven to be able to care for and maintain healthy hair and scalp?

No standard rules for washing hair

Actually, there are no standard rules for washing hair. However, it should be adjusted to your health, environment, and physical activity. For example, washing your hair every day because you often do activities outside the room, or washing your hair twice a day because you don’t do much physical activity.

When washing your hair, you need to identify the condition of your hair or scalp type first. The reason is, not everyone can use the same methods or hair care products. So, there is no definite time when someone should wash their hair because everyone’s hair condition is different.

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For example, hair that gets greasy easily is allowed to wash your hair every day. Meanwhile, owners of dry hair can wash their hair three times a week. Also keep in mind, washing your hair too often can cause other problems, such as dry hair and loss.

There are other things you need to remember, namely that it is not recommended to wash your hair using warm water, as reported by the Stylecraze page. The reason is, warm water makes hair feel rough and looks frizzy because all the moisture is absorbed by warm water.

Morning or Evening Should You Wash Your Hair?

Although there are no fixed rules, which one is better off washing your hair in the morning or at night? want in the morning or at night, washing your hair is still beneficial for the hair and scalp, really. However, the Bustle page recommends that you wash your hair at night because your hair will have more time to dry naturally, especially if your hair has been dyed.

Then, if night or morning doesn’t matter, what about the frequency? Determining the frequency of washing your hair should be adjusted to the type of hair. Following are the recommended frequencies for shampooing according to hair type, as reported in Health.

Thick hair

Thick-haired women usually have no problem with oil. Because it takes time for the oil from the scalp to “travel” down the thick strands. Owners of thick hair can shampoo less frequently. For example, once a week.

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Dry hair

When is the right time to wash dry hair? Owners of dry hair are advised to wash their hair twice a week, do not wash it every day. The reason is, it can remove the remaining natural oils in your hair. It would be even better if you include a conditioner to help moisturize the hair shaft.

Natural Length

Owners of naturally long hair that are not too thick or thin, can adjust the time of shampooing as desired. Even so, experts still recommend shampooing twice a week. You can also use a conditioner to moisten it.

Thin hair

Women with thin hair are advised to wash their hair with shampoo more often than with dry hair, namely three times a week. The reason is, thin and fine hair tends to absorb more oil than other hair, and is more prone to hair loss.

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