How Did You Know You Were Pregnant Before Missed Period

How did you know you were pregnant before missed period. So today we will discuss the early signs of pregnancy. The girls who have late menses, lest they get pregnant. Is late menstruation always a sign of early pregnancy? And this is very important, especially for young couples. I mean every newly married couple. And especially for all women who have entered reproductive age. Now we must know first what are the early signs of pregnancy.

Why do we have to be aware of the so-called early signs of pregnancy? Yes, so that moms can prepare the nutrients needed during pregnancy. Especially in the first trimester, why? Since the development of the fetus’ organs or organogenesis, we say it occurs in the early stages of pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy. So the critical period was just at the beginning. Don’t let it be too late, it’s two months and three months late when you realize you’re pregnant and just want to take folic acid. You could say it’s a little late. Because it is needed right at the beginning of pregnancy. Where, for example, the consumption of folic acid can prevent fetal defects.

Well first of all there are two signs of pregnancy. That is a sure sign of pregnancy and an uncertain sign of pregnancy. Here we will discuss the uncertain signs of pregnancy. Why is it because certain signs of pregnancy can only be obtained from a pregnancy test and check with a doctor.

How did you know you were pregnant before missed period

doctor pregnancy test results

Uncertain signs of pregnancy

Well, before we start there, that means we have to recognize first, what are the uncertain signs of pregnancy so that it leads there. The first is clearly late menstruation. So, if you’re late for your period, you’ll immediately think like this, I’m just late for my period or pregnant, right for those who are already married, of course. Well, what needs to be remembered here is clearly late menstruation. This is because menstruation itself or menstruation occurs when there is no fertilization or the meeting of an egg cell with a sperm cell. If, for example, you meet, you are pregnant, you will not have your period, it will implant and there will be a pregnancy process.

How late can a period be without being pregnant?

So, what you need to remember is that a late period is not based on the date. So for all of my friends, who still think that I usually got my period last month on the 16th and this month why is it not the 16th anymore. Well, our benchmark is not the same date, guys. It’s not about the days it’s about the interval well, I’ve explained this in my previous post, why I’m late for menstruation. For more details, you can check that article. The point is we are based on the same cycle. Because not every month is 30 days, some are 31, some are even 28 or 29 days. We are not based on numbers or dates. So the key is late menstruation or not in the menstrual cycle.

maximum delay in periods if not pregnant

Implantation bleeding

The second is mild flags and stomach cramps. In the process of pregnancy, the fertilized egg, which we call the zygote, will develop into a prospective fetus and attach to the uterine wall. This process is known as implantation. Now sometimes this implantation process damages some of the blood vessels in the uterine wall itself. So we see it as a sign that spots or blood are coming out. Usually, for example, in underwear. Only this flag is not as much as menstrual blood, guys. And it’s like it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s just that suddenly there are spots.

difference between implantation bleeding and period

So this is the difference between implantation bleeding, right? Flag due to implantation and because of menses. So if it’s implanted, it’s only a few drops, so it’s just a few drops. Meanwhile, if the period is continuous, the duration of the spots is only 1-2 days. If menses can take 4-7 days. The color is also different between light pink and brown. Meanwhile, if the men are bright red and the test result is positive if implantation bleeding. While the negative concentration of this flag usually occurs 6-12 days after fertilization. Yes, if you can relate to that. About a week after having sex, this flag must be checked, who knows if you are blessed with a child. And one more thing, namely stomach cramps, but this stomach cramp feels really light. So not all women feel this stomach cramp like that. Some feel something doesn’t.

Early initiation of breastfeeding

Third, the breasts swell and the areola and nipples begin to turn black. Well, this happens to prepare the mother for breastfeeding later. That’s because of various kinds of hormonal changes, yes. Automatically the mother’s breast glands will become more active to prepare for breast milk. So it becomes swollen and then becomes more sensitive, more easily hurts too. So be very careful of husbands. Why does the areola also turn black or hyperpigmented? That is, the goal is to prepare for the early initiation of breastfeeding. So that it becomes easier for the baby.

So when the early initiation of breastfeeding the baby is placed on the mother’s chest. The goal is that this baby can crawl. It’s not crawling, it’s feeling alone until he finds the mother’s nipple and he suckles there. The condition of a newborn he can only distinguish between dark and light. So don’t think you can see color. Like us now, doesn’t he just look like he’s still blurry, just think about it see by color.

early initiation of breastfeeding

Therefore, to make it easier for the baby to see where he is going, the nipple and areola. Then the nipple and areola darken. Help the baby find its purpose. The human body is truly extraordinary, all the changes that occur have a purpose. It was planned for a purpose.

Morning sickness

The continued presence of morning sickness or nausea and vomiting. Well, this also happens related to increased levels of HCG in the body of pregnant women. The difference between nausea and vomiting due to infection yes here. There are no signs of infection such as no fever, then maybe a cold cough or body aches all over the body. The point is that it is not accompanied by other signs of bacterial or viral infection, purely nausea, and vomiting.

So you need to be careful here if nausea and vomiting are excessive. This causes dehydration or electrolyte imbalance and so on. That needs to be watched out for guys and this is a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. Or excessive hyperemesis of vomiting. Gravida room caused due to pregnancy. This must be addressed immediately because the mother has difficulty eating and drinking. Because the vomiting continues, well, if it’s like this, the nutrients that enter will be reduced and will affect the growth of the fetus and the health of the mother herself. We hope that the weight will increase. Along with the development of the fetus, don’t let it result in weight loss. You need to be careful because you don’t want the growth and development of the fetus to be hampered due to a lack of nutrients. So it’s better if you experience excessive nausea and vomiting immediately consult a doctor.


The next thing is constipation or difficult bowel movements. Again, this is an uncertain sign of pregnancy. So some mothers experience things like this but some don’t.

Constipation early sign of pregnancy

This happens because of hormonal changes in the mother’s body. Mainly because of the increase in the hormone progesterone. Where the hormone progesterone affects our motility or bowel movements. In fact, when it’s time for menstruation or premenstrual syndrome, during PMS, it feels like defecation becomes even more difficult, you know. It’s not as easy as I usually don’t surf normally, which is really experience. After we read, oh yes. It turns out that when we want to menstruate, progesterone increases before menstruation. Indeed, this hormone progesterone levels increase in a woman’s body. So maybe this is why so constipation can be one of the uncertain signs of pregnancy.

Frequent urination

Next is frequent urination. Indeed, during pregnancy, there are many physiological changes in the body of pregnant women. Because the uterus is getting bigger, it pushes our bladder. For example, this bladder is this size. Assume that if it is fully charged and stretched to this point, we will feel the urge to pee. But now because of the insistence of the womb. He’s only filled this way because he’s so urgent that he already has the urge to pee. Even though it’s not filled it’s usually like that guys.

how often is frequent urination in early pregnancy

Easily tired

Then the next sign is easily tired due to changes in maternal physiology during pregnancy.  Mother gets tire more easily. Starting due to an increase in plasma volume. This results in hemodilution and increased stroke volume. Which increases cardiac output. The point is that the heart must pump more blood volume and so on. The point is that many physiological changes do occur that make the mother tired more easily. And this is also accompanied by mood swings, which of course are formal. So more sensitive, more irritable, easier to cry. Maybe even watching movies that have a little sad story immediately cry. But then he was innately so cheerful all the time. So this is different from one person to another.


So if you are experiencing signs like the ones we just talked about. It’s better if you take a pregnancy test right away. Buy a test pack, then immediately go to the obstetrician for further examination.

This is a very necessary, yes to do. Because we have to see if we really are pregnant with one. Then if the pregnancy pouch is really filled with the fetus or just a blighted ovum or pregnant with grapes and so on. Then implantation or sticking it whether it is right in the endometrium on the uterine wall or outside. That’s what we say with ectopic or extra-uterine pregnancy depending on the location. Then also to see whether the development of the fetus is good or not. It must be known immediately so that we can immediately meet the nutritional needs, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Because as previously stated, organogenesis or the development of growth and development of fetal organs occurs. The most important critical period is in the first trimester.

Okay guys, so that’s How did you know you were pregnant before missed period. We hope this article is useful and helpful for all of you. You can comment below for those of you who still have questions, criticism or suggestions, or want to share. Later in the next step, we will make more information about pregnancy. For those of you who want to have a request, you can also really comment below. There are so many very interesting topics to tell and that’s the way you should visit this website. So don’t forget to subscribe, don’t forget to support so that it becomes a better site.

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