Heating Food In Microwave Side Effects

Heating Food In Microwave Side Effects

Heating food in microwave side effects. It should be noted that the main cause of wasted nutritional content in food is the cooking process that is too long. Well, what about the nutritional content of food in the microwave to heat dishes? There is concern that this method could damage the nutrients in food. However, is that really the case?

Until now, the microwave is one of the most widely used kitchen appliances for heating and cooking food. As the name implies, microwave devices work by utilizing microwave radiation. These waves will be absorbed by water molecules and other substances in the food, so they can heat the food.

Well, regarding how it works, many say that the microwaves from the microwave can produce harmful radiation. Radiation is believed to be able to damage the nutritional content of nutrients in food. So, is this a fact, or is it just a myth? Come on, find out the facts here!

Heating Food In Microwave Side Effects less Likely to Damage Nutrients

Reporting to Harvard Health Publishing, cooking food by any method, tends to cause some nutrients to spoil. Because cooking can damage the chemical structure of nutrients to some degree. However, there are still many nutrients left when food is cooked for the right duration.

The use of a microwave is actually one of the least likely to destroy nutrients in cooking. This is because the duration of heating or cooking in the microwave is relatively short.

Well, the main cause of wasted nutrition or food nutrition is actually too long cooking time. For example, boiling vegetables for five minutes is more likely to reduce their nutritional value, when compared to cooking vegetables in the microwave for two minutes. That’s because some of the nutrients leak out of the food into the water when vegetables are boiled.

Two research looking at the usage of microwaves in the cooking process back up this claim. Microwaves, as a result, are believed to have no greater nutritional value less than other cooking techniques. Interestingly, a study entitled Influence of cooking methods on antioxidant activity of vegetables also showed promising results.

The study tested 20 different vegetables and noted that microwaving can preserve antioxidants in foods. Meanwhile, cooking in a pressure cooker or boiling is the worst method of preserving the nutritional integrity of the food.

The conclusion regarding the question of microwaves destroying nutrients in food is a myth. In fact, besides being relatively fast, heating or cooking food with a microwave is believed to be able to maintain the integrity of the nutritional content of the food. Even so, more in-depth research on the use of microwaves is certainly needed, to really test their effectiveness.

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Things to Pay Attention to When Using the Microwave

If you’re not careful, microwaves can also harm you. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when using it, including:

Follow the Microwave Manual Instructions Correctly

Reporting to The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency has received many reports of serious burns or heat injuries, around the hands or faces of microwave users.

This is caused by users of the microwave being scalded by water that is too hot because the heating time is too long. Therefore, carefully follow the precautions and recommendations given in the microwave manual, especially regarding heating time.

Use Containers with Appropriate Materials

Reporting to Web MD, one of the dangers of using a microwave is the risk of absorption of harmful chemicals in food. If the food is warmed, do not use the recommended microwave container. Exposure to harmful chemicals in the body can certainly increase the risk of various health problems, including cancer.

Therefore, make sure to always use glass and ceramic containers or containers. In addition, several types of plastic containers and utensils with the label “microwave safe” are also safe to use. However, be sure not to use glass or ceramic containers that contain metal plates.

Well, that’s the fact about the use of microwaves against food. When referring to the results of several studies, of course, the microwave does not damage the integrity of the nutritional content of food.

The use of a microwave is relatively faster when compared to other cooking methods. Even so, the instructions for use certainly need to be observed carefully and use a container that is intended for the microwave.

Meeting the nutritional intake needed by the body is very important in maintaining health. Therefore, pay attention to the duration of cooking so that the nutritional content is maintained.

In addition, the menu of food consumed is equally important to note. In order to find out a menu with balanced nutrition that is healthy, it’s a good idea to consult a nutritionist.

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