Health Screening Questionnaire NYC Doe

Health screening questionnaire nyc doe

Health screening questionnaire NYC doe

We are going to show you how to complete the new york city department of education health screening survey (Health screening questionnaire NYC doe). You will need to complete the survey every morning prior to entry onto the school campus. Should you not have a complete health screening survey you will not be allowed to enter campus.

So please make sure that you complete this before you get to school

Way to complete health screening questionnaire NYC doe

Alright let’s begin first, you want to go onto the site on your phone.
Once you’re on the site you want to go ahead and click guest screening.

Once you’ve clicked it you proceed and Click I’m a student and then you type in your name and then your email and then for school or facility.

You’re entering you want to choose another from there you will manually type in bphs or the Bronx prep high school and then for floor go ahead and type in all.

Then you click to fill out the daily screening you will be brought to this page that will ask you a series of questions.

Please know that these questions have been updated recently so please read thoroughly to make sure that you are answering the questions correctly with the options that apply to you.

Once you’ve completed the questions click submit screen. It will bring you to the page which will state the day the date and the time in which you have completed the survey. You will present this to the school greeter who will be at the entryway greeting you every morning.

So make sure to wear your mask complete the health screening questionnaire NYC doe. You’ll be ready to go onto campus and be back in school we look forward to seeing you thank you.

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