Getting Married Prevents A Person From Becoming Senile

Getting married prevents a person from becoming senile

Getting married prevents a person from becoming senile. There are many advantages that a person can get by getting married, both financially and socially. And now, new research reveals new facts. Namely, the benefits of getting married to prevent senility in a person.

Research has shown that marriage prevents dementia in humans

People who have never been married, or their spouse has died early can increase the person’s risk of developing dementia or dementia. This is compared to married couples who live together to old age.

This analysis, published in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, reveals that being single is not always good for health.

Research at the University of London found that marriage prevents senility.

The study, conducted by researchers from University College London, reviewed evidence from 15 previously published studies. This study involved more than 800 thousand people spread across European, North American, South American, and Asian countries.

When data is collected, including factors of age and gender, scientists find a number of data. People who have never been married have a 42% risk of developing dementia or senility, compared to those who have been married. Those who are widowers or widows have a 20% risk factor for developing dementia.

Getting married prevents senility and increases one’s life expectancy

Other studies have also shown that married people tend to be healthier than those who are single. Married couples will usually encourage each other to exercise, consume healthy foods, maintain social relationships, and reduce smoking and drinking.

All of these factors are associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, it is not surprising that marriage prevents senility. The presence of a partner makes a healthier lifestyle.

And for those who lost their husbands or wives to death, stress levels can increase. Stress can affect the nerves of the brain that are associated with cognitive abilities.

Researchers from the National University of Singapore and the Chinese University of Hong Kong said sexual activity was also linked to better cognitive function in a person. Meanwhile, singles or widows/widowers may not have as much sexual intercourse as married couples.

Researchers did not find an increased risk of dementia in people who were divorced. However, this could be because the number of divorced subjects studied in the study was only a few.

Getting married prevents senility because regular sexual intercourse improves the cognitive system in the brain.

However, this study also has other drawbacks. They only observed the relationship between marital status and the risk of dementia. Not a cause and effect that occurs in a relationship. Researchers also do not have information on how long it took for someone to be divorced or a widow/widower which could add new factors to this study.

Despite its many shortcomings, this research has helped the work of other scientists who are developing strategies to prevent dementia. This is because the observations were made on populations in different countries and in different populations.

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Alzheimer’s risk in those who do not have a partner

This finding is also important for those who are widows/widows or who are single for a long time because they have a high risk of developing dementia.

Apart from marital status, several other factors also affect a person’s risk of developing dementia. Among them, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, hearing loss, and low education make a person’s cognition less honed.

Depression and social isolation are also known to increase the risk of dementia. Both of these are closely related to the status of single or widow/widower.

However, dementia is not easily prevented by getting married. More research is needed to find effective prevention methods for Alzheimer’s disease.

Well, now you know the benefits of getting married prevent a person from becoming senile. Therefore, always respect our partners, because they play an important role in maintaining our mental and physical health. Even in the long run.

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