Drinking Coffee Before Workout Benefits And Side Effects

drinking coffee before workout

Drinking coffee before a workout. Coffee is considered to improve sports training performance. The caffeine content in it can help humans work harder and longer. No wonder that caffeine is also contained in sports supplements.

Findings uncovered by the nutritionist’s 2019 publication in nutrients. It has been found that drinking coffee before work or exercise can improve performance for both women and men. The reason is, caffeine is a stimulant for the central nervous system.

“Caffeine increases the body’s power, level of cognition and focus,” said nutritionist Kelly Jones, quoted by Livestrong, Sunday (3/11/2019).

Jones also revealed that coffee improves body coordination and the ability to maintain focus during exercise. Even drinking coffee helps to save energy when exercising.

“Caffeine helps speed up the body’s glucose and replaces glycogen. This means that coffee affects the body’s energy storage,” he said.

Caffeine can reduce the human perception of pain or dizziness during exercise. This helps humans exercise at high intensity and reduces pain during recovery. But he admits other studies have shown increased fat oxidation during exercise after drinking coffee.

“But this may not be a direct effect. So maybe with the fact that the perception of pain has decreased, the body actually needs to release energy for heavy bodywork,” he explained.

Even so, he suggested that coffee consumption be adjusted so that it does not harm the body.
“The right dose before exercise is three to six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight,” he said.

Jones gives a few tips on drinking coffee before exercise. According to him, drink coffee by managing the time with exercise.
Then, don’t forget to eat carbohydrate foods afterward. Drinking coffee is also required to monitor the amount of coffee that has been consumed.

Is it okay to drinking coffee before a workout?

is it okay to drinking coffee before a workout

It seems that today drinking coffee has become part of the lifestyle, especially for workers. Workers are used to enjoying a cup of hot coffee before starting work, especially during overtime which requires energy to stay awake. Many say that coffee can help someone at work. Even in the office, there must be a stock of coffee along with a room for brewing coffee. No wonder workers love coffee, because it turns out that coffee has benefits for workers. Here are the benefits:

Increase concentration

Full concentration is needed when completing work in the office. Saturation and many other factors outside the office sometimes make your concentration decrease. To increase concentration, you need a cup of coffee.
Jobs that involve the mind such as creative planners, authors, and students certainly require a cup of coffee to complete assignments. When the concentration starts to decline, while you still have a lot of work, it’s a good idea to grab a cup of your favorite coffee. Your concentration is guaranteed to return.

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Withstand sleepiness

To stay awake on deadlines, of course, you need stamina. One way to increase and maintain stamina for workers is by consuming coffee. The caffeine contained in coffee can help you stay awake without feeling baggy.
People who not use to consuming coffee, of course, will feel very weak after the caffeine enters the body. So you should, you need to find natural coffee that is safer for your health.

Maintain stamina

Working with a weak condition is certainly uncomfortable to experience because it can be seen from your appearance. You can overcome this by enjoying a cup of coffee with the best taste and aroma. The caffeine content in coffee can increase the number of adrenals in the blood. Therefore, by consuming coffee, you will look more enthusiastic with maintained stamina.

  • Reducing pain

For those who work in the field by relying on physical strength, usually, they will feel a little sore or achy after finishing work. To reduce pain, you can consume coffee. Two cups of coffee were able to relieve pain in the muscles of the body by as much as 40 percent. So it is not surprising that field workers need more coffee than those who just sit while working.

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  • Reducing the risk of gout

Gout in the body usually occurs when sitting too long while working or working on a physical basis. To reduce the risk of gout, it recommends consuming coffee. A study of 50 thousand men in the world who experience gout. For those who consume coffee, the risk reduction rate for gout is greater than those who do not consume coffee.

How long before a workout should you drink coffee?

Wake up, it’s good to immediately brew coffee. But when is the best time to enjoy coffee?

Sipping coffee in the morning has become a ritual for many people. Caffeine in the warmth of coffee believes to provide energy for activities. But drinking coffee also has rules.

Caffeine in coffee must drink at the right time so that its properties can receive by the body properly. Reporting from the daily meal (19/08) the best time to drink coffee in the morning according to technology experts Jake Knapp and john Zaretsky is at 09.30.

“Caffeine is a potent substance, and because it has a direct effect on energy levels, you should drink it with planning, not just a habit,” both wrote in their books.

However, other studies say that the best time to enjoy coffee is one hour after waking up. The study, published in the national center for biotechnology information, states that when you wake up, your body is producing high amounts of cortisol. Cortisol is a vigilant hormone that can be stressful and tense.

Knapp and Zaretsky also said that when drinking coffee, don’t wait for the body to get tired before drinking the second cup. They suggest drinking caffeine 30 minutes before the body feels tired.

In their findings, technology experts also determine that green tea and espresso are better to serve in the afternoon because these drinks provide a lower dose of caffeine than coffee.

It’s also a good idea to experiment with finding the time for your last coffee, as caffeine has between five and six hours of work. So, you should be aware of what time it is best to end your coffee in the day.

Black Coffee Benefits

1. Improve memory
2. Educating
3. Contains beneficial antioxidants
4. Increase focus and alertness
5. Contains vitamins and minerals
6. Clean the stomach
7. Help lose weight
8. Maintain the liver
9. Minimizing the risk of heart disease
10. Reducing the risk of diabetes
11. Help prevent

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