Can You Have A Miscarriage And Not Know

Can You Have A Miscarriage And Not Know

As the title says, can you have a miscarriage and don’t know. Today we are going to discuss something that almost every pregnant woman is afraid of. Especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester is around 0-12 to 13 weeks of pregnancy i.e. miscarriage.

All pregnant women should be aware and alert to the signs of miscarriage. Because this is clearly not only threatening the safety and life of the fetus itself. But also the health of the mother, both overall and the health of the womb in the future. Especially for example, if you are pregnant for the first time and want to have more than one child.

So it doesn’t take long today we will discuss the signs of miscarriage to watch out for. Miscarriage or in medical language is called abortion. Basically, it is the process of expelling the products of conception when the fetus has not been able to live outside the womb.

That is when the gestational age is still under 20 weeks or the fetal weight is less than 500 grams. If between 20-37 weeks the fetus comes out called a premature birth or preterm or fewer months. Between 37-40 weeks when you are born, it is called a mature or term or full-term birth, that is, if you are above 40 weeks, we say that this abortion is different from abortion. Because abortion is an abortion process that has an element of intention. Meanwhile, if this abortion does occur spontaneously by itself naturally.

What causes miscarriage

Can you have a miscarriage and not know. So why does a mother have an abortion? There are various causes such as infection in pregnancy for example toxoplasma. That’s why it’s important to do a torch test before even getting married.

This has been discussed in a previous article. Tests that should be done before marriage. Continued trauma or contractions. So if for example, the mother falls or the exercise is too fast in a certain position. It can cause trauma. Well, if you’ve been traumatized, it’s possible for contractions to occur.

These contractions are dangerous because basically the process of expulsion or expulsion of the fetus occurs due to uterine contractions. If the miscarriage means uterine contractions occur prematurely. Continue to have medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, and other congenital diseases.

This hormone problem is the most common cause of hormonal imbalances such as low progesterone. This problem should be discussed with the respective doctor. Usually will be given content-boosting drugs such as the hormone progesterone. So that it’s stronger.

Continue to respond to the immune system or immunological factors such as blood type, rhesus, which we can prevent or prevent from the start by doing the pre-marital test. Then from the organ itself, namely uterine abnormalities, such as anatomical abnormalities such as uterine didelphys or cervical incompetence, namely the cervix is ​​not strong enough to hold the fetus in growth. If other factors such as alcohol and smoking.

Types of miscarriage

Okay, before we get into the signs, we must first know that there are various types of miscarriage or abortion.

  • The first is imminent abortion or threatened miscarriage. So it’s almost a miscarriage, actually, but the fetus can still be saved. Well, usually the doctor will give you the drug to strengthen the content earlier. Such as containing the hormone progesterone.
  • Then abortion insipient means that the abortion that is happening at the same time is happening again. This one must be evacuated immediately, meaning the fetus must be removed immediately. Because if it doesn’t stay there, the cervix is ​​open and blood comes out of all kinds, for fear of infection. The infection goes from the uterus to the womb again.
  • Then an incomplete abortion means that an abortion has occurred or a miscarriage has occurred but there are still some fetuses left behind in this principle that must also be evacuated so they must be removed as well.
  • Then if there is an incomplete abortion, it means that there is a complete abortion, it means that she has miscarried and the fetus is clean. So this miscarriage is complete and there are no more fetuses inside. So if you look at the uterus, it will be smaller than the age of the womb, which should have kept the cervix closed.
  • And there is another missed abortion, where the fetus is actually dead but still inside. So there is no expulsion of the fetus. Which means it must be evacuated and must be removed either by induction or curettage. Each treatment depends on the results of the obstetrician’s examination at that time and the condition of the mother at that time.

Signs of miscarriage

OK, now let’s get into the signs of a miscarriage. So the signs to watch out for are: First, there are blood spots that come out, either brown or fresh red, so blood red and if accompanied by lower abdominal pain or abdominal cramps that occur due to uterine contractions during the process of expelling the fetus itself As soon as there are these two signs, even if it’s just a little spotting, whatever the color, you should immediately consult your respective obstetrician.

To be absolutely certain whether it was blood from the womb or not. Because it’s possible that you just finished having sex with husband and wife, maybe there are blisters on the genitals, then the blisters are sores, so you can bleed out too.

That’s the way to really know the source of the bleeding, how should the doctor who checks it out and abdominal pain is a sign of miscarriage, but that doesn’t mean every time there is a sign it’s definitely a miscarriage, guys, so the point is, you have to go to the doctor so that the doctor can check right away this is checked right from the inside.

What happens if you have a miscarriage and don’t get cleaned out

Okay, what’s the danger if this miscarriage is ignored? What happens if you have a miscarriage and don’t go to the doctor

First, an infection can occur in the mother’s womb which will actually complicate the next pregnancy. I’m afraid that if the infection reaches the uterus, there won’t be inflammation and then adhesions will occur. Now, this can cause infertility or infertility so the egg from this mother can’t find sperm, so in the end, fertilization doesn’t happen so it will be difficult to get pregnant again.

Both of these infections if severe can cause sepsis. Yes, we say septic abortion is an inflammatory response throughout the mother’s body systemically. This is the whole body in the infection that is carried away which is so severe that it can be life-threatening.

And thirdly, so that there is no habitual abortion, namely abortions that occur three times in a row. This really has to be found out why if there are causes or risk factors that need to be avoided, yes. It is better to know if there is an anatomical abnormality in the mother’s womb. This we can find solutions for after miscarriage treatment so consult and check with your doctor early.

Message and conclusion

Okay, so that’s all the info on can you have a miscarriage and not know that I can share in this article. For women, moms, or married couples who are still pregnant, everyone stays healthy. Always take care of your health and must be aware from now on what the signs of miscarriage are. So if for example there is something suspicious.

Okay, you know when to check with the doctor that’s all for today. For those of you who still have questions, opinions, criticism, or suggestions. It’s better what next time you want to discuss or want to share your experience, it’s really okay. Comment below, let’s just be a discussion forum so we can exchange information and as usual don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks

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