Can You Go In A Hot Tub When Pregnant

can you go in a hot tub when pregnant

During pregnancy, can you go in a hot tub when pregnant? as a mother-to-be, she undergoes many physical changes, especially in the skin. The cause, of course, is hormones.

During pregnancy, many pregnant women suddenly have smoother, softer, more radiant skin. However, not a few experience the opposite, namely the skin becomes rougher and drier. Then, how to deal with these unsightly skin changes?

When pregnant is not an obstacle for a woman to look beautiful and stylish. Apart from paying attention to clothing choices, pregnant women should also be aware of skin conditions that are similar to crackers, dry and crisp as if they were freshly removed from a frying pan.

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The skin on the body is dry and tends to be scaly when pregnant, it must be very disturbing and spoil the appearance. Because the self-confidence of pregnant women has decreased and in the end, it could lead to depression.

Now, to avoid this, preferably when pregnant women soak in hot tub water. Avoid using ordinary soap because it can remove moisture from the skin. It is recommended to use a type of soap that has extra moisture content and a balanced pH, which has been tested to keep skin moist.

In addition, when pregnant, don’t be lazy to apply moisturizing lotion, especially on the stomach area. Because the skin of the stomach undergoes the most drastic changes during pregnancy.

Then, Andrea Lynn Cambio, MD, a dermatologist said that soaking in the tub using too hot water is a bad idea when pregnant. This is because hot water can shed natural oils in the body which are useful in maintaining skin moisture.

Cambi suggests that you soak in hot tub water when pregnant in warm temperatures. Then, if you want to soak in the hot tub. Make sure it doesn’t take more than five to 10 minutes.

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