Can Too Much Salt Cause Miscarriage

Can too much salt cause miscarriage

Can too much salt cause miscarriage. It’s best to be aware of its bad effects on pregnancy. Pregnant women are advised not to consume too much salt because this can affect the condition of the fetus and the health of the mother.

WHO recommends the maximum total daily salt consumption for pregnant women be 5 grams or two teaspoons per day. Foods such as junk food, instant noodles, and salted fish should be limited in consumption during pregnancy because they contain very high levels of salt. More information about the dangers of consuming too much salt for pregnant women can be read here!

What happens if you eat too much salt while pregnant?

Can too much salt cause miscarriage? If you eat too many high-salt foods, this can have an impact on the health of pregnant women and children. So, what are the dangers?

1. High Blood Pressure

Pregnant women can also be at risk for high blood pressure because they consume too much salt. High blood pressure can make the blood vessels in the uterus narrow, thereby preventing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. As a result, the growth of the fetus was stunted.

2. Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication caused by high blood pressure. This condition can develop into serious complications and be fatal for pregnant women and babies in the womb.

Symptoms range from swelling of the legs to frequent urination, and hypertension. That is why, to keep blood pressure stable, pregnant women need to reduce salt intake.

3. Disrupted Fetal Kidney Formation

Excess salt intake can also slow down the formation of kidneys in the fetus. If the formation of the fetal kidneys is obstructed, then the fetal body cannot filter the incoming blood. It can cause death in the baby.

4. Affects Heart Health

Not only are pregnant women at risk for heart disease, but the formation of the heart in the fetus can also be hampered if the mother consumes excess salt. So, keep your heart healthy by paying attention to the salt content of the food you eat. Because the health of the mother’s heart will affect the health of the fetus.

5. Digestive System Disturbance

Pregnant women can also experience indigestion more often when consuming foods that contain salt. High sodium levels in salty foods can cause problems, such as stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, and low pepsin.

6. Obesity

Eating foods high in salt can also make pregnant women obese. Being overweight will have a negative impact on both the fetus and the health of the mother.

Obesity can put pregnant women at risk for gestational diabetes, urinary tract infections, and preeclampsia. Likewise, the risk of having a miscarriage can increase if the pregnant woman is overweight. That is why it is very important to adopt a healthy diet and maintain food intake during pregnancy, including limiting salt consumption.

7. Swollen Feet

A common condition that occurs in pregnant women due to hormonal changes. However, a very high salt intake can also cause some parts of the pregnant woman’s body to swell easily. It can even enlarge the swelling that has occurred before.

Now mothers know the dangers of consuming too much salt during pregnancy. So, mothers should be wise in eating food. However, during pregnancy, you need to buy vitamins and supplements.

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