Can A Baby Get Pneumonia In The Womb

can a baby get pneumonia in the womb

Pneumonia can be experienced by anyone. Usually, regular treatment can help relieve symptoms. However, what if this condition is experienced by women who are pregnant? Is there a possibility that lung disorders in pregnant women can have an impact on a baby get pneumonia in the womb?

Pneumonia can be experienced by pregnant women, usually occurs because there is a history of previous illness. The question is the baby okay in the womb, can a baby get pneumonia in the womb? Pregnant women are very susceptible to disease because their immune system tends to weaken when they are pregnant.

Therefore, pregnant women advise to always maintain a healthy body and adopt a healthy lifestyle. To maintain health, try to exercise regularly and use a healthy lifestyle and diet. Because, women pregnant not only task with ensuring that their own bodies are healthy, but also must ensure that the fetus that is growing and developing in the womb is in a healthy condition.

Pneumonia in Pregnant Women

The immune system of pregnant women who are relatively weak plays a role in the emergence of pneumonia during pregnancy. This disease occurs because the flu virus infects the body of pregnant women, especially in the lungs. However, there are also pneumonia conditions that occur due to other viral infections, namely chickenpox, and respiratory distress syndrome.

There is still the possibility of pneumonia in pregnant women, namely due to bacterial infections and conditions, such as anemia, asthma, bad smoking habits, and frequent visits to hospitals that are prone to transmitting viruses and bacteria that cause disease. This is why pregnant women encourage to keep regular checkups every month.

When indicated for pneumonia, the mother will feel symptoms, such as shortness of breath, the body feels hot and cold, cough that gets worse, excessive tiredness, fever, vomiting, headache, sore throat, pain all over the body, no appetite, and worsening breath. hunt. Be alert, because these symptoms are similar to indications of other diseases. So, if the mother is pregnant and experiencing it, immediately consult a doctor.

Dangers to Watch Out for

Shortness of breath in pregnant women with pneumonia can trigger a decrease in oxygen intake circulating throughout the body. Can a baby get pneumonia in the womb? Of course, this condition also greatly affects the fetus. In conditions of severe enough pneumonia, complications that may occur are the baby will be born prematurely, the mother will have a miscarriage, respiratory failure, and the baby will be born with low weight.

In addition, blood flow can also affect if the infection in the lungs has spread widely. Fortunately, although pregnant women with pneumonia will experience a cough that is difficult to heal, this condition does not present a serious impact on the fetus. This is because the amniotic fluid acts as a protective barrier for the baby from the vibrations and pressures that occur when the mother coughs or sneezes.

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A lifestyle combined with a healthy diet can prevent pregnant women from attacks of various diseases, including pneumonia. Mothers just need to wash their hands after using the toilet, after activities, and before eating. Avoid smoking and direct contact with sick people, and make sure you get enough rest. Not to forget, exercise and consume healthy foods as well as routinely carry out flu vaccines.

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