Calculate The Fertile Time After Period

The Fertile Time After Period

Here’s how to calculate the fertile period.

What is a fertile period?
The fertile period is the time when the egg from a woman comes out of her ovary. Usually this in medical language we call the condition of ovulation.

How to determine the fertile period of women with regular menstrual conditions?

So for women who have regular periods, it is a little easier to predict when the fertile period will occur after menstruation or ovulation. The easiest way is to count two weeks before the first day of the upcoming menstruation. Remember before the first day of the upcoming period.

For example, if you are going to menstruate here on April 30, when is your fertile period, subtract two weeks from April 30 which means approximately April 16. Around that date, plus or minus 12 days, more or fewer moms in the fertile period after menstruation or ovulation.

What if the menstrual conditions are irregular?

The answer is very difficult because we cannot predict when approximately the first day of irregular menstruation will come. That’s why prediction or calculating the fertile period using a calendar is usually recommended only for women whose menstrual cycles are regular.

What are the characteristics of the fertile period in women?

At the time of ovulation or fertility, there is such a thing as an ovulation sign or mittelschmerz. Or simply a little stomach pain. Because the egg comes out of the ovary when there is a stimulus to the abdominal wall, there is a slight pain that is mild. And secondly, moms can usually match with vaginal mucus.

I’m sorry, insert your finger slowly, of course, you have to be careful with your nails, don’t let them cut the vaginal wall sharply. Enter and then remove. Wait for more, the vagina is at your fingertips then stick your thumb open if it doesn’t break it means you’re fertile, meaning the vaginal mucus is quite thick.

There is also an easier way for moms to buy a tool to detect ovulation, usually called an ovulation kit. When we go to a pharmacy, usually some tools are generally used to detect pregnancy or tests. Checked in the urine, only there if two lines mean that you are in your fertile period, that is one way that is quite easy to detect whether you are currently fertile or not.

Is abdominal pain during a fertile period the same as menstruation?

So what is said to be an ovulation sign or a mittelschmerz sign or abdominal pain during the fertile period in the menstrual cycle is different from abdominal pain due to menses. Abdominal pain due to menstruation usually occurs in the lower abdomen because it is in the uterus when it has started to contract. While mittelschmerz because his pain comes from the ovaries usually it is a bit more to the right or left. So if the egg comes out of the right ovary. Then the pain will be more inclined to the right. So is the one on the left.

Do men also have a fertile period?

In men, infertility is not like in women. As long as the sperm is normal then he is ready to fertilize at any time.

What are the characteristics of normal sperm in men?

Usually normal sperm we can see subjectively of course. Usually from the viscosity and the color is milky white. The amount is not enough. If the clear one usually does not have sperm cells. The best way is to do a sperm analysis. Because it’s the most accurate because sometimes everyone sees sperm it can be different. For the objective of doing a sperm analysis examination.

When to have sexual intercourse so that the chances of pregnancy are high?

To increase the chances of pregnancy, it is usually advisable to have close sexual intercourse during the fertile period. If you have regular periods, you can predict. For example, the first day of menstruation will come on April 30. When is your fertility? More or less backward two weeks more or less on April 16. When to do husband-wife relationship. Close from April 16 can be a day apart. Starting from April 14 then jumping a day on April 16 then jumping a day on April 18. But this method sometimes does not work.

Well, the best way to actually increase the chances of pregnancy for both moms who have regular and irregular menses is to have sexual intercourse regularly. As soon as moms stop menstruating 2-3 days later the spots that have disappeared do marital relations every 2-3 days. For example, having sexual relations on Mondays. Tuesday Wednesday off. Do again husband and wife relationship on Thursday. Friday Saturday is off. Do it again on Sunday and the next.

What if I miss it, for example, I have sexual relations on Wednesdays, while on Wednesdays my work is full. No problem, do it on Thursday, go back two days, do it again like that. An important thing to do regularly. So that normal sperm is always available on standby in the womb. So that whenever ovulation occurs, the egg comes out of the ovary and there are sperm that are ready for fertilization to occur.

Are there sexual positions that have a high chance of getting pregnant?

The answer could be, especially the position where the sperm discharge from the husband’s genitals is close to the cervix. Usually, it’s in a condition where the man turned his back on the woman. Or the contemporary term we call it doggy-style. But if everything is normal, the condition of the sperm is normal, the condition of the female organs is normal. Any position should not be a problem. Still, the chances will be great as long as it is done during the fertile period.

When should a married couple go to the doctor for a fertility check?

There is a condition known as primary infertility. What is primary infertility? When this husband and wife have been married for approximately one year they do not use family planning. Have a fairly regular and regular husband-wife relationship. But no pregnancy yet. At that time moms and husbands are allowed to come to the obstetrician. For basic infertility test.

Okay, moms, so to determine the fertile period, there are several ways. Moms can feel it with pain in the stomach in the middle of the menstrual cycle, it can be in the right or left area. Can by looking at the thickness of the vaginal mucus. Or is it the easiest way moms buy ovulation test kits.

For moms who have regular menstruation, it’s a little easier because we can predict the fertile period by subtracting two weeks from the first day of the upcoming period. But for those who have irregular menses, do routine husband and wife relationships every two to three days so that sperm is always on standby in the womb. So that whenever the egg comes out there is a sperm ready to fertilize. If moms like this video don’t forget to like share and leave a comment.

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