Bad Dreams During Pregnancy, What Does It Mean?

bad dreams during pregnancy

Not a few women often have bad dreams during pregnancy. Among them, not a few also question the meaning behind these dreams. Is that a bad sign or is it quite the opposite? To find out more, let’s see the full explanation below.

Dreams describe the hopes and fears that are stored in our minds. According to research, bad dreams during pregnancy are normal. At least 1/3 of women who are pregnant will dream about pregnancy, childbirth, or the fetus.

What causes bad dreams during pregnancy?

Dreams, whether good or bad, are actually things that happen every day. However, most of us forget those dreams right away when we wake up.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy not only affect body shape and emotions but can also trigger changes in the sleep patterns of pregnant women. For example, pregnant women often wake up in the middle of sleeping. This is what makes it easy for pregnant women to remember their dreams so that it seems as if they are dreaming more often than usual.

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Apart from the hormonal changes that occur, pregnancy itself is an experience full of emotions, ranging from happiness, anxiety, worry, sadness, and fear, especially in the first pregnancy.

Well, dreams are the body’s way of compromising with those emotions. The appearance of nightmares during pregnancy is a reflection of negative pregnant women’s feelings and thoughts. However, this can actually help pregnant women process information and understand pregnant women’s feelings better. So do not worry, yes, pregnant women.

Alleged Bad Dream Meanings While Pregnant

The experiences a pregnant woman has throughout the day, changes to the fetus and physical changes to the pregnant woman’s body can all affect her dreams. Experts have offered the following explanations for the potential significance of the bizarre dreams or nightmares that pregnant women frequently have:

1. Bad Dream about water

Dreams about water are the most common theme for pregnant women, especially in early pregnancy. For example, a dream of swimming alone in a wide ocean or seeing a baby floating in the water. This dream is thought to arise because of a pregnant woman’s subconscious mind about her growing uterus and being filled with amniotic fluid.

2. Dream of falling from a height

There may be a fear of losing your freedom if you’ve had dreams of falling from a height or becoming locked in a place. In addition to falling from a height, this feeling can also be described as dreams of being blurred or dreams of being trapped in a room.

3. Dream of driving

This dream may describe the feelings of pregnant women who are moving from one phase of life to another, namely becoming parents. If the journey in the pregnant woman’s dream is difficult or the pregnant woman is lost, this can be a sign that the woman still feels anxious about the unknown things in the future.

4. Dream of hurting a baby

The dream of dropping the baby or leaving the baby in a dangerous place is also often experienced by a pregnant woman. This dream usually arises from feelings of anxiety about whether he can take good care of the baby.

5. Animal dreams

This could be a sign that pregnant women are entering a period of preparation for caring for a baby in the womb. If in the dream the pregnant woman is afraid of small animals, it is possible that, without realizing it, the mother is still not fully ready to become a mother.

6. Erotic or sexual dreams

In the second trimester, pregnant women may dream of having sex or having a romantic relationship with someone they don’t even like. Don’t worry, this kind of dream is normal.

This possibility is a reflection of pregnant women’s anxiety about the effects of changing body shape on sexual activity. In addition, dreams that smell sexual can also be a reflection of pregnant women’s desire for sexual activity with their husbands, as before they were pregnant.

Pregnant women need to recognize that dreams are a reflection of the subconscious mind, not an indication of unfavorable events that are about to happen. So, there is nothing for pregnant women to worry about their dreams. Pregnancy dreams can be bad or strange and can be a sign that pregnant women really care about their little one in the womb.

These various dreams may feel strange, more real, and more detailed than when you are not pregnant, especially when you are 7 months pregnant. If nightmares during pregnancy interfere with pregnant women’s feelings and thoughts, share how pregnant women feel with their husbands or friends.

However, if the dreams are still very disturbing to the mind or even daily activities, consult this problem with a psychologist for appropriate treatment.

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