A Various Birth Method That Mothers Need To Know

Various Birth Method

Childbirth is the most precious moment for couples who are waiting for their baby. In fact, many couples capture the moment of childbirth through videos or photos. Along with the sophistication of technology, nowadays there is so many birth method that mothers can choose to deliver their babies into the world.

The following are some of the common birth methods used by mothers during labor:

1. Lotus Birth Method

Lotus birth is a method of giving birth by leaving the baby’s umbilical cord connected to the placenta. This method is believed to naturally increase the baby’s immune system. The baby has been connected to the placenta for 9 months, forcibly removing it will only traumatize the baby.

It is best to leave the placenta on its own, this is best for the baby’s transition from inside the mother’s stomach and then moving to the outside world.

But unfortunately, birth experts and obstetricians from New York University Langone Medical Center think babies who remain connected to the dead tissue (placenta) are more likely to contract the infection.

2. Water Birth Method

As the name implies, water birth is the process of giving birth in water. This method is believed to be able to eliminate the trauma of the baby being brought out of the comfortable space of the mother’s womb to the outside world. The process is also carried out in the water, which is believed to provide comfort and minimize maternal pain during the delivery process.

However, from the results of research conducted, there is still a 5 percent chance that the delivery process is hampered. This is because the baby accidentally inhales water or the umbilical cord is accidentally broken, so the baby loses oxygen.

3. Vaginal Birth Method

Vaginal birth, also known as a normal birth, is the process of birth through the mother’s vagina. This method of giving birth is indeed the most often recommended because the healing process does not take long. In addition, the vaginal birth method also has minimal complications, the mother can directly hold the baby and breastfeed.

Even so, the risk for vaginal birth is still there. Especially for women over 30 years who gave birth with this method. With increasing age, the ligament muscles are no longer as flexible as they used to be, so there is a possibility that the muscles will tear when you push.

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4. Gentle Birth Method

This method of giving birth believes that the baby can find a way out on its own. In fact, the process of giving birth is like an urge to defecate or urinate that can be done without medical assistance. The mother’s role is to help the baby find a way out without being forced.

The process of giving birth with the gentle birth method has actually been done by ancient humans. Where pregnant women do not have to give birth by sleeping but can stand, squat, or half sit, as comfortably as pregnant women. In fact, this concept is considered not against gravity and avoids excessive vaginal tearing.

5. Caesar Birth Method

This type of delivery method is usually the choice when complications occur so that the baby cannot come out normally. This method is done by slashing the mother’s stomach as a way out for the baby. The maximum number of caesareans is three times. More than this number will be a risk to the mother. Also, women undergoing cesarean are not advised to undergo vaginal birth for the same reason.

Whichever method is chosen, it is back to the mother and the approval of the doctor who handled the pregnancy from the start. Doctors know exactly what method is good for mother and baby. If you have questions about the method of delivery, the mother can discuss it directly with the doctor.

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