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A little Tip Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Choose Colors


bridesmaid and groomsmen colors

Today we’re going to give a little tip. How to help you choose dress colors for your bridesmaid and groomsmen. Now it’s not a trend I wouldn’t think. I don’t think many brides me that Brides do it. but love seeing weddings when all the bridesmaids are wearing different dresses. different shades one color in particular. Think it looks cool. A great idea because of one of the biggest problems with bridesmaids. Pop up about is that they don’t like their dress a dress. beat the color washes me out etc. So if you have a color palette. One color in lots of different shades. get the bridesmaids to choose whatever dress they like. That particular color makes for happy bridesmaids and photos look cool.

We often get asked by our brides and grooms. Do our best men and our ushers. Do they need to wear a tie or cravat? Something the color that perfectly matches the bridesmaid’s colors. well, we always say you know we suggest. That the best way of doing it is to use tones of color. This way you’ll find it easier to do. If you think of a flower maybe something like a pink rose in the center. You will find maybe contrasting colors. It could be yellow it might be cream. The petals around that quiet. A strong pink color as you come out to the outside of that flower. So they’re not one pink rose you have a whole range of tones. That color pink this way you will find it. A lot easier to choose colors that work best for your men and your bridesmaids.

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Use Tones of Color to Suit Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Another way of doing it is to use strongly contrasting colors. Even to go for complementary colors. If you think of your color wheel the watercolors. Around the colors on the opposite. Side form of the wheel from each other. Will be what colors have all worked well together. You might be looking at something like teal and orange. Might be looking at red and green as another way to work your wedding colors. Perhaps to use a range of pastels. In that case, you will have a color. There probably that will suit everybody but do be very careful about pastel colors. Because some pastel shades do not suit men. as well as they do women also look to pass using bright tones of color. Maybe looking at primary colors. There again you will have a range of colors to suit bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Color Ideas for Bridesmaid

  • The first bridesmaid and groomsmen’s color is slate blue. looks amazing on every single dress. and then it also looks great on every single girl. as well and whether you just wanted everyone in this slate blue color. and you just wanted this your main color. or you wanted to do some sort of mix and match. It just really looks amazing. No matter which direction you’re gonna take this a few different palettes. Is slate blue with dusty blue and then greenery? And a white or a very light neutral this palette. Stunning no matter what time of year. It is you can it’s really easy to pull it off. It’s super popular now. So there are tons of options. Like in the decor department invitations. Also in bridesmaids’ dresses obviously. There’s just so much you can do with it.

bridesmaid slate blue colour

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  • The next color is marigold. So beautiful it seems kind of folly. Maybe at first look but. So many directions you could go with this. And it would look great in any season. all right so let’s put together some palettes. The first one is to just really highlight the marigold to do. Marigold plus some light neutrals. Like tan neutrals, so you’ll see from the inspiration.

marigold colour of bridesmaid

All-Season and Classic Colour

  • The next color is terracotta. It’s perfect in literally. Any season the different dresses. This color looks great. No matter which style you choose. You really couldn’t go wrong. Especially love the idea of doing this. Where each girl is wearing a different dress. All in the terracotta you could do a blush. A dusty rose and white look at this inspiration.

bridesmaid terracotta colour

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  • The next color bridesmaid and groomsmen is a little surprising. Not something that you typically see. Especially for a more formal wedding. That is black it classic. Beautiful especially if you have a very elaborate venue. That you don’t want to decorate a ton. Just doing black and white. With some greenery is classic and beautiful. Then another beautiful direction you can go with this. Back to that black and Cabernet. We could add in the marigold and do like black with jewel tones. If you like the jewel tones but you’re not feeling the marigold. You could cut that out and maybe do an emerald in.

black and white bridesmaid and groomsmen

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