How To Get Rid Of Frizziness In Hair

How to get rid of frizziness in hair

How to get rid of frizziness in hair. Dry, branched hair or experiencing other problems, is not impossible to interfere with the appearance. Find out how to treat damaged hair naturally to fix it.

Damaged hair is often caused by the lack of natural hair oils. This is due to the chemical content of hair products that are too harsh or excessive use of a hairdryer when styling your hair.

Here are three natural ways you can do to get rid of frizziness in hair:

Using essential oils.

Essential oils used on hair regularly can help treat damaged hair, as well as provide a natural fragrance. Today, essential oils are widely used in hair products such as shampoo, serum, etc. As much as possible, avoid products with mineral oil and petroleum jelly, as they only provide moisture to the surface of the hair.

In particular, several types of essential oils can be used for damaged hair. Such as coconut oil which will soften and add shine to hair, and almond oil which softens and moisturizes the scalp.

In addition, jojoba essential oil can be used to moisturize hair, as well as nourish and stimulate the scalp. If dandruff is a problem, choose lavender essential oil as it will help treat it as well as make hair healthy and shiny.

How to use essential oils as a way to treat damaged hair is very easy to do at home. Drop an essential oil in a shampoo or conditioner you normally use or mix it with olive oil. Apply evenly and use a head covering for 30 minutes or leave it on overnight. Then, rinse thoroughly.

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Eat nutritious foods.

There aren’t enough hair products or expensive salon treatments to get the beautiful hair that you dream of. Adequate nutrition is very important to get this.

Protein will strengthen hair and also other important functions for the body. Consumption of protein per day is needed about 46 grams. This protein content is roughly equivalent to 200 milliliters of soy milk, 7 eggs, 6 ounces of lean meat, and 6 cups of milk.

Meanwhile, omega 3 fatty acids from fish twice per week will help moisturize hair, plus protect the heart organ and help relieve symptoms of depression sufferers.

Two main nutrients such as iron and zinc are very important to help hair growth. These nutrients can be obtained from lean meat or soybeans which are consumed twice per week.

Then, two other types of nutrients that are beneficial for hair can be obtained through daily supplements. For example, vitamin D can stimulate hair growth, which is generally obtained from sunlight. In addition, the biotin contained in eggs will support the thick hair dreams you dream of.

Clipping hair regularly to get rid of frizziness in hair.

How to get rid of frizziness in hair naturally is cutting hair regularly. This step will reduce split ends and stimulate new, healthier hair growth. Damaged hair that is left too long can actually damage the hair as a whole.

The general guideline is to cut your hair regularly about once every three months. However, if your hair is often hit by heat from a hairdryer or other equipment, do it every two months. One thing to pay attention to when cutting your own hair at home is to avoid using blunt scissors because this can actually damage your hair even more

Healthy and shiny hair will certainly support a perfect appearance. How to treat damaged hair naturally can help you get it and can also save money without the need to go to the salon.

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