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First Step Bridal Style for Natural Hair

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Starting with the bridal style already stretched out from the previous style. That hair is dirty so figured. This style and then wash hair after. Basically pulling hair into a low bun and a middle part. Couldn’t decide how to style the middle part.

That way or the other ways. Decided this would be much easier. Pull the hair at the front also into the band brush away. Make sure that it lays into the band. And just pull as much of it. Before adding gel and this just not using a lot of gel in hair.

Although it’s dirty already. It’s kind of pointless. Should have smacked on the gel. Since wash hair right away but brush hair. Not really brushing edges. Cuz if you do not know here. You know grow and save back edges. Not being tough on them or anything like that. But when applying the gel.

Made sure to just leave edges. With the gel that had in hand. It’s pretty much how it looks like a which Ayana scarf. And got it for about 20 minutes. It was pretty dry since the hair was dry. Didn’t bleed a lot. Just blending in makeup or foundation. They have a straight line there on the face. Using a small pack of hair.

Use Little Donut Bun To Your Hair Bridal Style

You can use any hair that you have. Use a rubber band to put it on bun flipping. It’s at the back. Once you can pull it on top. It’s easier with it at the bottom. Then using this donut bun. If you don’t have you can make your soap fan. Use four pins to pin it in place. Make sure that to wrap around the bun. Twisted hair if you want a shortcut to this style. Remember those long crochet twists.

You can buy those first twisted crochet twists. And you can just use those instead. If you want a shortcut. Would have bought it down. But not to spend ten dollars to buy a new pack of hair.

When already have hair and it doesn’t take a long time to do. If you’re going to do. This town doesn’t do the same mistake. That uses more hair and has enough twists to wrap around the little donut bun. This is the truth that has so now. It’s less time to put it using a pin. Pinning it fiscally in the middle again.

Make sure your pin is not where that is not going to poke your head. Just going to wrap it around pinning the twist around the head. Put your pins in a direction. That it does not poke your head if you lay down.

Add A Beautiful Hair Accessory

How long you’re planning to either plan. Just make sure you’re careful. Now time to accessorize the bun accessories like they’re. Just little pins there are so many other things that you can use. You can check it out on Amazon. Different hairpins that have they usually have like 40 pins for like $8.99. So you can find something that works for you. But there go for accessorizing. The bun looks very beautiful in bridal style. The front part looks for the claim. Then you can try a tiara or some other kind of accessory. The tiara also looks very pretty. It adds subtly gem support.


the bun accessories

Depending on how you’re going to attach your veil it’s very pretty. The second option is this accessory now. That you can use a necklace bridal style. If you have a necklace that’s pretty. Where you think will look nice. You can use it the same and just use some things to pin it on your head. If you’re going to use a hair bun. Make sure you do it. Before you do your spiral band at the back. You want to hide the white ends into the bun instead of having it show.

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