Why No Fault Divorce Is Bad

Why no fault divorce is bad. Divorce can affect the development of children. However, in addition to the negative effects, there are also positive impacts that are felt by children who are victims of their parent’s divorce. The positive impact of divorce: 1. Children become more independent 2. Children have the ability to survive because … Read more

Changing Health Insurance After Marriage

Changing health insurance after marriage. As people get older, their health needs become different and even increase. Many people then enroll in insurance services. But it turns out that not only have insurance, you also have to pay attention to other things. “In general, you will experience significant lifestyle changes, so it is important to … Read more

How Does Marriage Affect Health Insurance

How does marriage affect health insurance? Humans are often exposed to decision-making with multiple selections. Every decision that is chosen will always be followed by risk, while the risk is uncertain. Humans need to take action that can minimize these risks, one how to transfer risk is to using insurance products. According to Certified Wealth … Read more

How To Prepare For Marriage As A Man

How to prepare for marriage as a man. For most men, it takes certain circumstances to feel ready to marry their partner. This is not only love but also for the readiness to live a life together later. Well, sometimes when planning to get married, only the preparation for the day of the D-day is … Read more

Don’t Rush Into Marriage Quotes

Don’t rush into marriage quotes. Received the question, “When to get married?” You will often hear when you are in your 20s. Especially for women, getting married at a young age seems to have become an inevitable conversation. Either for health reasons or habits, women are expected to find their life partners soon. In fact, … Read more

Qualities Of A Good Partner In Marriage

Qualities of a good partner in marriage. In the courtship stage, everything may look beautiful and the problem of personality differences doesn’t really surface. Because it is very important, you know, the personality of your partner before deciding to get married. Do not let us get too lulled by the euphoria moments of dating that … Read more

Getting Through Hard Times In Marriage Quotes

Getting through hard times in marriage quotes. When we were teenagers and in our 20s, maybe what we imagined about marriage were sweet and beautiful things with our husbands such as having dinner together, waking up next to our partner, and comforting each other when we were sad. You also have the assurance that you … Read more

When Do Guys Know They Want to Marry You

When do guys know they want to marry you. Aren’t you tired of waiting for him to propose to you? Moreover, in this day and age, women question the question of marriage first has become a common thing. Maybe he was actually ready too, just thinking too much or embarrassed to say it directly. Before … Read more

Challenges In Marriage And How To Overcome Them

Challenges in marriage and how to overcome them. A woman who doesn’t get married at 25 doesn’t mean she doesn’t sell. Maybe they have other priorities. For example, want to pursue higher education and a brilliant career. Getting married does not limit our movements, but not getting married is also not a shame. Because a … Read more

How To Get Over A Broken Heart When You Still Love Him

How to get over a broken heart when you still love him. Getting married is the dream of all women in the world with a man who has been considered compatible with him and can be invited to commit to living together forever. Then, what if the man who feels fit turns out to be … Read more